6 Questions to Ask during Online Apartment Tours in Jakarta

Searching for an apartment that is just the right fit for you was a strictly physical and sometimes a ‘down the rabbit hole’ affair. Nowadays, because of technology, you can get lazier and do it remotely without ever even setting foot in the apartment until the day of your arrival. On top of this convenience, there are some downsides and extra things that you need to do to finally be settled. One of them is to be more diligent in collecting information on potential apartments that you fancy. This could be done by doing online apartment tours. 

There are many methods to do an online apartment tour. You could do it by watching reviews, looking at pictures online, and just researching. Some even consider setting up a video call with the landlord to have a live look at the apartment. This is because you can’t really know the place without acquiring more information than the template information that the apartment has. So to help you out, here are 6 important questions that you should ask in online apartment tours!

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What is it like?

While a lot of websites and apps nowadays give you the convenience of a 360 camera documentation, sometimes, asking to see the nooks and crannies of the apartment can help you to be more sure of getting the place. Especially if you are one of those who likes to decorate and form the space to your liking. Asking for more pictures is especially helpful for mapping out your future living space. You can ask for an online apartment tour form a short video clip on the surroundings or pictures around specific areas that you want to know about. But most importantly, be sure to also ask the details, like the floorplan, the measurements, temperature, and so on.

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What about the payment?

While some vendors might easily give information on the apartment straight to the website or app of their choosing, asking about the specificities of it should be done before deciding to pick a certain apartment. Sure, maybe you know the monthly, tri-monthly, or yearly price. But, do they require you to transfer a deposit in the first month? Do they charge differently if you subscribe to certain facilities of the building? Do they charge on a three-month basis? How many months beforehand do you need to notify them if you are going to move elsewhere? Can you get a cheaper price if you opt-out of certain facilities? These are some of the questions that can get you less confused and can make your life more convenient in the future.


While it is arguable that a standard to apartments exists, these standards still would have pros and cons. This is in the sense that while apartments. For example, have public area CCTV, 24-hour security, and laundry service. Their relative quality to one another would give some advantage while others disadvantage. You might want to consider picking the best apartment from being specific with the details and features of the facilities. Aside from checking the facilities directly from those who offer the apartment, you can check websites such as TripAdvisor, Airbnb, or even Google Maps. Sure, not all of the reviewers might have lived there for a long time. Most probably they weren’t even there for a month. However, if even people who have not lived there for long found some red flags, it might be even more so for a potential resident such as yourself!

Access points

While access points can connote to access to public transportation and main roads as a whole, it also means exit and entry point to the apartment. Are drivers of ride-sharing apps able to get to your lobby easily or do you need to tell them to get to a specific point? Or do you even have to go to a certain pick-up point yourself? Where’s the nearest street to go to if you’re going to go to the nearest fancy mall? Is the apartment near a Toll Gate? Are there multiple access points to the apartment building? Questions like these can be answered online through browsing in places like Flokq, rumah.com, or rumah123. They provide some of the most detailed information regarding access points.

Guest Policy

While a lot of apartments have a very lax rule regarding guest policy, some might have a stricter rule. So to straighten things out from the beginning, try asking them on the rule. Is there a rule for the number of days someone can stay? Is there a rule on the number of guests you can have? Just plainly ask them on this because sometimes you can run into trouble on this issue. Plus, it can be especially problematic for those who have significant others that come by frequently or maybe needing to work with friends often around the apartment. Whatever the reason is, asking about the policy from the beginning makes for a convenient stay.

Maintenance and Emergency Requests

While access to maintenance and emergency measures are usually apt in apartments, the way to request assistance on the matter can differ and can be a bit too technical. Asking for details of maintenance requests is especially important for perhaps almost everyone since some people do not have too much privilege in terms of time for technical inconveniences. Asking for details on emergency requests is especially for those who have a history of medical conditions. Additionally, knowing the accessibility of hospitals can help determine your pick for the right apartment. These things shouldn’t be too much of a problem. But to know them in detail, are especially important and prudent for some people.

While of course there are other questions that can be deemed important for different types of people, these questions give some of the basics that are important for almost everyone. These questions let you know most of the information needed to value and compare almost any apartment to one another. Especially for people who have a specific need for an apartment. It can be the distance to the business area, near a specific university, or having good access to an airport or a train station. Some additional questions are needed. As you ask around and collect information. You may find that these questions are inadequate, so adapt as you go and make adjustments accordingly!

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