6 Recommended Sea View Apartment to Rent in Jakarta

Who says living in Jakarta can’t get beautiful views? Most people only know the busy side of Jakarta and the office area filled with tall buildings. Try to look at the North Jakarta area once in a while. This area shows another side of the capital city which is famous for its location near the sea and beaches. It is perfect for those of you who are considering living or renting an apartment in Jakarta with a view of the sea!

Now, for Flokqers who are already eyeing an apartment that offers sea views but can’t decide which one to choose, Flokq has summarized 6 Jakarta apartment recommendations with sea view especially for you.

Let’s take a peek at some of the choices!

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1. Green Bay Pluit

Green Bay (sea view apartment)
Green Bay

We start from one of the dream apartments with the sea view, Green Bay Pluit. This apartment carries the concept of one-stop living which really helps all the living needs of residents in one area. Integrated with the Baywalk Pluit mall on the lower floor of the apartment, minimarket, gym center, plus close to the PIK toll road to get to Soekarno Hatta Airport, as well as all units that offer views of the sea from the window.

Affordable rental prices make this apartment suitable for young single workers, young couples, or small families who want a modern and practical residence in North Jakarta, and of course with a view towards the sea.

Address: Jl Pluit Karang Ayu Blok B1, North, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta

2. Regatta Apartment

regatta sea view aparment
source: flokq.com

The apartment with a charming exterior looks so attractive from the moment you walk through it. The curve of this building is inspired by the architecture of ships with open sails to become a very inherent characteristic. Interestingly, this vertical residence provides views that make the eyes want to look longer at the beautiful panorama of the Java sea.

Not only relying on the view, but this apartment also makes it easy for every occupant with facilities in each tower, such as a jogging track, Taman Sari Royal Heritage SPA, BBQ area, swimming pool, fitness center, to a business center!

Address: Jl. Mutiara Beach Regatta Blok TG 1D, Pluit, Kec. Penjaringan, North Jakarta

3. Pluit Sea View

sea view apartment at pluit sea view
Source: flokq.com

In line with its name, Pluit Sea View offers a view of the sea, Sunda Kelapa harbor, and the Pluit reservoir that surrounds this North Jakarta apartment. When viewed from inside this apartment unit, you can see the serenity of the sea which spoils the eyes. Another advantage comes from the Garden Lock facility which is equipped with a fitness center, outdoor gym, yoga, jogging track, amphitheater, also a shopping arcade to meet every need of its residents.

For residents who have a car, you don’t need to be afraid of not getting any spot to park. Pluit Sea View has a special tower for parking! Sounds amazing, right? Imagine how large the parking area in this apartment is…

Address: Jl Muara Baru Raya, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta

4. Pantai Mutiara Apartment

An apartment which is well known by many people is located very close to the coastline so that the beautiful sea view looks so close to refresh the eyes of its residents. Besides, the facilities in this North Jakarta apartment are adequate for the residents.

Starting from the swimming pool, jogging track, fitness center, BBQ area, basketball and tennis court, to various public facilities around it. This apartment is suitable for entrepreneurs and expatriates who want a vertical residence in a quiet area and beautiful sea views.

Address: Jl. Mutiara Beach, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta

5. Mitra Bahari

apartment with sea view at mitra bahari
source: flokq.com

The next one is as interesting as the apartments previously mentioned. Located in the corner of North Jakarta and within the central business district, Mitra Bahari is perfect for investment or housing for every worker or businessman who has high mobility in Jakarta. Its location is very close to the beach and Pluit reservoir, making the view from the windows of the residents more charming and they can feel the calm of the sea.

The residents of this apartment can also easily reach the Gedong Panjang toll gate, the Kota Tua tourist area, Bunda Mulia University, and Ancol. The facilities are also quite complete, ranging from swimming pools, gyms, children’s playgrounds, ATM centers, to cable TV and fast internet access, making residents feel way much comfortable living here.

Address: Jl. Pakin No.1, RT.9/RW.1, Penjaringan, Kec. Penjaringan, North Jakarta City

6. Menara Marina Condominium

Directly facing Mutiara Beach and near the Pluit reservoir, this one is an affordable sea view apartment option in Jakarta. Besides, it is also surrounded by facilities such as toll access to Soekarno Hatta Airport, Pluit Village Mall and Baywalk, also a hospital. The location of this apartment has always been an attraction for everyone who wants to live in the Pluit area.

Address: Jl. Pluit Pantai, Jl. Pluit Samudra II Jl. Mutiara Beach, RT.9/RW.5, Pluit, Kec. Penjaringan, North Jakarta City

Bored and got nothing to do? Try this place in Jakarta with your friends!

Hmm, if you live in an apartment with a sea view, it feels like you want to relax, right, Flokqers. Waking up, directly looking out of the bedroom window to look at the sea, beach, or reservoir while sipping on your tea… Life seems great. Even after the day is over and you feel tired, a view like this is what you are looking for to rest your mind for a moment.

Want to rent an apartment like the one above? Come and rent with Flokq. We are ready to provide the best apartment just for you!


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