7 Signs You Need to Move Out from Your Kost

When you are about to rent a place in Jakarta, you will be given two options, a kost or an apartment. A kost is basically Indonesia’s version of affordable apartments with only renting a bedroom, but they usually have many rules for the residents. At first, it might seem like a good idea to live in a kost since the rent is cheaper. But as time goes by, you might notice some of the living habits in the kost doesn’t fit you. To help you out on realizing when is the right time to move into an apartment, here’s a list of those signs! 

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You don’t feel safe.

Living alone may sound scary at first, but you needn’t worry about it by living in an apartment. Apartments are usually provided with a sophisticated security system. There are security guards who stand by 24/7. They will check in on anyone who visits the building by asking them who they are going to visit and giving them access to the unit. If the visitors look suspicious, the guards won’t let them in. Moreover, apartments have CCTV and alarms installed in every corner of the building. Therefore, your safety is guaranteed.

You feel unliberated.

We all know that as a neighbor, we should be considerate of doing things, such as not being too loud while co-living with others. Every person should show basic etiquette on a daily basis, but most kosts have their own rules. Many kosts have a curfew for the residents. The curfew ranges from 10 to 12 PM. So its no worries for you to get home at 12 PM Even when you already have a daily schedule that finishes before the end of the day, there might be days when you have to fit something up in your schedule. 

Apartments will always welcome you home at any hour. You can work all night long in your office or you can come home drunk from a night out, no one will judge you. Some kosts even forbid you to have friends staying overnight and some forbid visits from friends with the opposite sex. When you live in an apartment, you could throw a pajama party or a pillow fight. In strict places like kosts, don’t even dream about it.  A place where you live is supposed to feel like home- and these rules certainly won’t make you feel at ease. 

It takes too long to get to your workplace.

Nobody wants to spend too much time being stuck in traffic. Living too far will cost you energy, time, and money (gas prices and parking fees are ridiculously expensive). Apartments are usually located near office complexes. When you live close to your workplace, you don’t need to worry about getting late to work. On top of that, it will prevent you from being stressed over Jakarta’s infamous traffic. It will be even better when you can find an apartment that is within walking distance to your workplace. That way, there will be no transportation cost needed. You will also be giving your body a little exercise by walking to the office in the morning and your apartment in the evening. 

….and you realize it takes too long to go anywhere in the city.

Apartments are usually surrounded by shopping centers, restaurants, clubs, and cafes. You will never be late to the party. In fact, you might even be the first one to show up. When you have an impromptu event and don’t have anything to wear, you can hop on to the nearest shopping center and get your favorite dress or suit in an instant. No matter how much you exercise and eat healthy organic foods, you will never know when the disease comes and inhabits your body. In emergency situations, living in a strategic location will be really helpful for the residents, since it is surrounded by many healthcare facilities.

Technical problems are a handful to you.

While living in a kost, you might experience some blackouts or a clogged sink. When this problem occurs in your apartment, you can ask for help from the people in charge of apartment maintenance. They will surely help you to fix these problems. When the whole city’s electricity is turned off, the apartment’s electricity usually remains on because they have their own generators.  

You need to go out to fulfill your basic needs.

At least once every month, you need to shop for groceries. Most apartments have their own mini-markets, some even have supermarkets. Therefore, the residents don’t need to go out to stock up their midnight snack or to go grocery shopping. For those who are too lazy to go to the kitchen, apartments usually have a food court that serves a wide variety of food. When you are in the mood to sweat (which you should, at least 150 minutes a week), you could hit the gym or swimming pool provided by the apartment. Get in shape without having to leave the apartment!

The environment feels dull.

Kosts are usually situated in a small building with numerous rooms in it. Basic public facilities provided by kost are usually a kitchen and study room. The limited space prohibits any other public facilities to be made. You might feel bored living in a space where nothing outside your room can entertain you. On the contrary, apartments provide numerous facilities to exercise, shop, and dine. 

When you have a high-level unit, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the city from above (in the nighttime, it will get even better, you can enjoy a private city light session). You can also walk around the apartment complex just to get some air while admiring the plants in the garden. While walking around the complex, you might meet someone in your way and get to know them. Who knows your neighbor might become your new best friend in the future. 

Considering everything, maybe it is time for you to move on (to an apartment). Living independently in an apartment will surely bring you an experience of a lifetime. 

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