Signs You Should Move to A New Apartment

As comfortable as you think you are in your current apartment, yet the moment you’re thinking about moving to another-is all the cue you need to actually move out. Sometimes in life, people tend to not bigger picture clearly. They merely think and focus on what they like, trying to avoid things that harm their likings. While it may seem like an out of the blue zen moment, but in fact, there are presumably various reasons why you’ve come to that determination. 

The same thinking applies when you’re facing a decision whether or not it’s the time to move to another apartment. Your mind would consider and keep reconsidering over time. Because your body and mind are not syncing. Your body might say you’ve spent a lot of time settling for this one, why leave? Yet you know, deep down, there’s a discomfort feeling murmuring inside you. So here we give you the reasons why you should move to a new apartment to help you make that decision. If any of them appear similar to your situation, it may mean it’s time to move on.

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The horrible commuting.

Commuting certainly plays a big role in your daily activities. Starting from commuting to work, leisure, having nights out, or everything. Stuck in awful traffic or taking hours to get into places is irritating. Or what-so-called bad trip. In the early stages, you might overcome it. But over time, you will start to dread it. Especially if the place becomes more crowded, there are only going to be more people on the roads, which leaves you with more congestion for everyone. For all these reasons, commuting with an awful situation isn’t healthy for you. Not to mention it’s draining your time and energy, but also your level of patience is being tested every day. Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in such a harmonious morning and lovely traffic? The answer is yes and if you’re able to move out, do it immediately. 

Your rental now is beyond your budget.

Either because it becomes higher or the reasons coming from you. There would be many factors contributing to the financial difficulties that will lead you to consider the rent of your apartment fee. Maybe your child’s tuition fee, a layoff from work, more expenses on other amenities, and whatsoever. If this is the case, considering moving to a lower apartment rent can be your way out. The new apartment is either in your building or even in a different neighborhood. Another alternative option is to find a flatmate, who would split the rent with you. However, you need to understand that this situation happens sometimes and out of the blue. No need to feel embarrassed or having a heavy heart to tell your landlord. It’s okay and could happen to anyone. 

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Something has become too inconvenient.

There are numerous parameters for everyone considering whether something is comfortable or not. The aspect is depending on each individual. For example, lack of certain amenities, proximity to laundry, grocery stores, or anything else. It could be a daily aspect that you encounter every day and meet difficulties. At first, these seem not to bother you. But as time passes, these aspects can be overwhelming and bring discomfort for you. Even though it appears to be trivial, if you can find or improve anything to maximize your living experience, you should go for it. Remember that your apartment is a place for you or your family to rest and relax. It should never add more stress on you. 

You have bad neighbors.

Humans are social creatures. It’s obvious for us that we can’t live all alone with no one else. Therefore, people tend to mingle and have friends surrounding them. The moment you move into a new place, your neighbors become your friends or at least people you can count on, respect, and foremost, safe living next to. Even if you don’t prioritize socializing with your neighbors, at some points, you are going to see or get to know each other. The obstacle is, if you start feeling like an outsider and find those living around you cold, distant, or suspicious, it’s good for your safety and well-being to seek out another community that’ll embrace you. Having bad energy around you isn’t healthy. Knowing that you’re a lone ranger in your home is painful also. So, by all means, try to get somewhere else where you feel safer and more comfortable.

Considering the space availability.

Maybe it’s time to think about the remaining space that you have or not. Whether you reckon that you’re starting to feel cramped in your place or you find that petite apartment studio is more suitable for you. Chances are high you’ll enjoy spending less every month on space you weren’t using. For either reason, you may start looking toward the solution for your consideration. Having more storage for your closet that always seems to be shrinking or your new bulk furniture is not wrong. There is a time when you’re actually outgrown your place. Not only because you’ve lived there long enough, but also the merrier things you’ve acquired. Likewise, having much-unused space may feel like wasting the money. You can save up by moving to a smaller apartment with a lower rental fee. 

Awful management.

Indeed it’s annoying to not have someone for help. Then, when you try to reach your landlord or building managers, they’re nowhere to be found. For instance, they ignore your call or request, don’t maintain common areas, and are generally unavailable to answer questions or give you packages they’ve intercepted. These are the signs of showing how irresponsible they are. Counting on them will be terrible and leads to an unsolved solution. Putting yourself in such a distress condition (read: yearning for help) is the last thing you should do. With no further ado, start looking for a new place. Lastly, always try to chat with some current tenants before signing a new lease regarding the management or additional information.

It feels like it’s time to move on.

It may be hard to pinpoint exactly why you want to move. There could be uncommon reasons. Perhaps staying in an apartment reminds you of your awful past event, living where you do now is merely for your past job or routines or the place is convenient for visiting someone that now has gone. It could be a combination of many factors or simply just a feeling that it’s time to move on

As you know, you can move for whatever reason you wish, even if you can’t articulate it well. Nonetheless, the reasons above aren’t one of them, because they are essential to your wellbeing. Remember that the decision to look for a new apartment is always yours.

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