These 10 Workouts Will Definitely Make Your Stomach Slim Quickly

Having a slim stomach is definitely the dream of all women. Having a fat belly sometimes can definitely make your self-confidence drop drastically. Therefore it is important for us to always follows a healthy lifestyle. A fat belly also causes a lot of chronic diseases. Regulating diet and workout also has an important role to reduce your fat belly and slim your stomach easily. These days, workout for a slim stomach is such a trend, and what is important is you burn so many calories even just workout at home. Having a slim stomach made a lot of people mostly women could rock the outfit they wanted to wear. Now, check out these 15 workout moves that can help you slim your stomach quickly, and which you can definitely do at home!

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1. Downward Facing Dog


One simple workout that can help make your stomach slim is a downward facing dog, Here is how you do the downward facing dog movement:

Position your hands like a push-up, then shift your waist position by pushing your weight back until your feet are on the floor. If you are in a position where your feet cannot touch the floor, bend your knees slightly.

Maintain a face-down position with legs straight, arms extended in front, and arms shoulder-width apart. Holding this movement for 10 to 15 seconds, push your hips toward your heels and feel the stretch in your back, arms, and hamstrings.

If the position is right, return to the high plank position and then you can repeat this movement for 60 seconds.

2. Commando Plank


The commando plank is also another effective workout that can help reduce belly fat. Here is how to do the commando plank movement:

Start in a high plank position, with your hands shoulder-width apart and feet hip-width apart. Hold this movement for about 30 seconds. You can also do this movement by combining the movement with the regular plank movement, namely by lowering your elbows to the floor and pulling in the middle of your stomach.

Remember to make sure you keep your spine neutral and keep your back even. Repeat for 60 seconds.

3. Side Plank


Besides the commando plank, you can also try the side plank, here’s how to do a side plank movement:

Lying to the right, first, you lift your body with your right elbow resting on the floor with your feet resting on the right. Raise your hands to keep your body balanced.

From this position, you can lift your body up and down. Repeat and don’t forget to do the same for the other side. Do this for 60 seconds on each side.

4. Sit Up


Next is the workout that is often done and the most famous for burning stubborn fat in the stomach and slim your stomach quickly which is sitting up. Here’s how to do sit up correctly:

Position the body on your back, then bend your knees by placing a heavy object on your feet. Then stretch your arms forward, inhale and lift your body, head, and shoulders closer to your knees and exhale if you come back down, also tighten your abdominal muscles while doing this movement. Do this movement quickly until your stomach feels warm. You can do this movement 10-40 times.

5. Flutter Kick


After the upper abdomen has begun to feel warm, the lower abdomen must also be balanced with the flutter kick movement. Here’s how to do a flutter kick:

Still, in a supine position, place both hands on the tailbone so that your spine does not arch. Make sure your spine is in a neutral position to prevent injury. Then pull in the middle of the body and lift both legs in a straight position until they are off the floor. From that position, quickly kick the left and right feet alternately. Do this movement for 60 seconds.

6. Cross Crunch


Next is the cross crunch. In addition to burning belly fat, cross crunches can also help shape your waist slimmer. How to do cross crunches:

Start with a Sit up position, position your hands behind your head, and try to keep your right elbow touching your left leg. By lifting your body up, tighten your abdominal muscles, every time you want to touch your feet in the opposite direction make sure you move your body in the direction of your elbows. For example, if you are to the left, it means that your elbow touches your left foot and your body lifts your body to the left. Do this movement 20 times on each side.

7. Mountain Climbers


The next movement is mountain climbers. Besides helping to slim your stomach, this mountain climbers workout is perfect for boosting your immune system. How to do mountain climbers are:

Position your body in a high plank position, arms straight by holding your weight, and legs straight behind you. Then bend your legs towards your chest. When doing the movement do not forget to always tighten your abdominal muscles. Make sure the position of the back and buttocks are parallel. There is no need to rush when doing this movement. Do this movement for 60 seconds.

8. Plank Jacks


Maybe this move sounds familiar because this movement is another version of the jumping jacks workout. Jumping jacks are usually done with the body in a standing position, plank jacks are done with your body in a high plank position. Here’s how you do the plank jacks movement:

Start in a high plank position, with your hands shoulder-width apart and feet hip-width apart. Make sure your spine and buttocks are straight, then move your legs in and out like a jump. Do this movement for 60 seconds.

9. Half Plank


Next is the plank variation which is more beginner-friendly but still burns a lot of calories, especially in the stomach, namely the half plank. Unlike the high plank where your hands must be shoulder-width apart, in the half plank your hands are still shoulder-width apart but you hold your body with your elbows. So that both your elbows and your feet are your foundation to hold your weight, make sure to tighten your stomach muscles. Do this movement for about 60 seconds.

10. Hundreds


The last workout you must do to burn your belly fat and slim your stomach is Hundreds. How to do the hundreds movement is:

In the supine position, if you are just starting to try this movement, you don’t need to raise your legs up, you can raise your legs at a 90-degree angle. Then raise your neck until your stomach is like a sit-up position with your hands by your side and facing straight ahead. Make sure your shoulders are away from your ears. Then take a breath and start moving your hands up and down like a fan. Also count your breaths as you inhale and exhale, for example 5 breaths in and 5 breaths out. Do this movement for 40 seconds.

So, Right now you have another routine to add to your must-do workout at home right? Don’t forget to try these workout at home and see how it burns! Don’t forget to check out other interesting and inspiring articles on the Flokq Blog!

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