Things to Do in The First 24 Hours of Arriving in Your New Apartment

Arriving and finally setting foot in your new apartment with all of your baggage and carry-ons are one of the best feelings ever. After a straining marathon of being mobile, you are finally relieved and can get some peace of mind from all the mixed up worried feelings. While this might be the part that you’ve been longing for during every part of the trip, it might not be that wise to just relax and get some peace of mind. You still need to do a few things to set up your new life in your new apartment. So to help you out and to waste no more time, here is the list of things to do in your first 24 hours in a new apartment!

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Notify Friends and Family

This actually the first thing you should do without having it on the list, but we put it here just for good measure. While some people might opt to give updates to friends and family during the majority of the trip, some people might think “huh, I don’t think that’s too important.” But then again, it is important since they would be the ones that can help you out if there is some unfinished business back from where you came from. So just give them a call or text! It would also help your worried parents or significant others if you are those types who are not too keen on repeatedly updating them during your trip.

Checking in with the seller and management

This actually the most important thing you should do. It’s important to check in with the seller of the apartment and tell them that you have moved, so they could finish all the documents of your arrival. This also has an impact on the management of the apartment, the apartment would also need important documents of your residents in the apartment. This is also to ensure you get all the facilities in the apartment. 


Unpack (and put the cords where they belong)

In the good ole’ days, unpacking means that you would have to get your clothes and other items out, but nowadays it also means to set up your electronics accordingly. Not just for laptops or hairdryers, but also for putting your cord extensions in place. Be careful not to unwind your cords between things that are not unpacked yet, you might trip or do some unnecessary damages! This would also make you more aware of the shortcoming (pun intended) of your apartment’s electrical system since the beginning. If it happens, you can immediately schedule for buying some more adjustments the very next day.

Check the connection

As with all things in life, they are more often than not imperfect. So even if the internet is good all-around, you might want to check the cell signal there, sometimes some corners are better than others. So try calling from different areas of your apartment. It’s good to set up a work-from-home station from here. You can maybe also set up space better so that if you are one of those people who frequently have to make a call, you have the room to express yourself with those walking back and forth fidgeting or just help you decide where your office space/working space is.

Try ordering food

While you can say that this part is minor, knowing as early as it can be on the easiness of ordering food from your apartment is an essential habit than needs to be done. This is because sometimes, the geotagging in your app might not work, the way to the lobby is complicated, or even the street to get to your place is puzzling. Try to ask for help from the reception to get a better experience from the start! Count the approximate time for you to get down to the lobby too since this will be handy for those tricky apartments at the higher floors of a residence.

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Try the bathroom and the Kitchen(of course)

While a lot of the times showers do work, some people after a long and taxing trip might opt to just sleep it out after touch-down in their new place. This might be immediately relaxing and gives you the much-needed chill, but your zen might break if you don’t thoroughly inspect your new apartment of any peculiarity, especially the shower. Bathrooms are essential to modern life, so try all of it out so that any malfunctions that you find can be reported early! See if the sink has problems, see if the closet is kind of troubled, and try out the hot water to find out!

To check your kitchen is also important since anything bad there has lethal potential! So check it quickly to see if there is anything suspicious that will harm you. Tell the receptionist if you have any questions or peculiarities!

Where are the Emergency Services

While this part might just be a few clicks with google away, asking the receptionist would surely help you familiarize yourself with the area, especially when it comes to places that can help you in emergencies. When we say emergency services, think of the police station and the nearest hospital, both of which are essential when you have emergencies. So ask the receptionist for where these places are! If you already know the place, asking them the in-apartment method for signaling an emergency is also key for an always-ready residence. Use the radio facilities for contacting the reception, for example!

Don’t forget to change address

Some movers might not need to stress on this part, but for those who are already an employee, changing address will help you a lot. Especially if your previous residence is the ones that frequently receive important mail and packages. This, of course, would also apply to those who frequently shop. Don’t forget to change them! Who knows, you might delay the change for tomorrow, but you might forget it too and set the change for the day after tomorrow, and then forget it again. Our advice? Do it as soon as possible!

So there you have a list of important things to do after you have moved in to a new apartment. All in all, moving is part of developing yourself as a person. It makes you more resilient to be standing on your own and trying to own your burden for yourself. Even if you are moving with your roommate to your new apartment, this can be a testament to your newly-found independent life! So drink a cold one or buy your favorite meal after you’ve set everything up! You deserve some self-appreciation and a pat by yourself in the back!

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