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Things You Should Know Before Driving in Jakarta

Jakarta is the attractive capital of Indonesia for various activities. You can work, find entertainment, shop, and many other things. For some people, riding is a fun, comfortable hobby, and makes its own impression. In this article, we provide information to make your riding in Jakarta safer and more fun. Check this out!

Steer on the Right

The left-driving system is implemented in Indonesia through many considerations and calculations. For one thing, occupation and vehicles brought into Indonesia. During the Dutch occupation, vehicles entering the Dutch East Indies had used the right-hand wheel. From the Dutch era, Japanese cars also began to enter Indonesia to the peak during the 1942-1945 occupation. At that time the influence of Japan had entered Indonesia when the colonial era. Cars on the market in Indonesia are mostly Japanese-made cars. Increasingly, Indonesian people are even more in love with Japanese cars that are considered more affordable. While cars made in Europe and America tend to decrease in popularity in the Indonesian market because only owned by the upper class. Equally important, the posture of Indonesian citizens is more or less the same as that of Japanese society, making it ideal for cars imported into Indonesia. That is why the people of Indonesia are still accustomed to driving with the right steering wheel.

Turn on your Vehicle Lights

Drivers must turn on the headlights of the vehicle at night, so make sure the lights turn on perfectly. Sanctions if this rule is violated is a maximum of 1-month confinement or a maximum fine of Rp250.000,00. In addition to two-wheeled motorists, the headlights must also be turned on during the day or subject to maximum confinement of 15 days or a maximum fine of Rp100.000,00. The number of fatal traffic accident victims reached more than 60 percent due to motorcycle riders. The main factor of the accident was the attitude of the rider who was negligent, violated, did not know the rules, and was unskilled in driving.

Bring your Driver License

Driving license or SIM (Surat Izin Mengemudi) is a must. The law states that the first thing that must be possessed is a driver’s license. According to Law No. 14 of 1992 concerning Road Traffic and Transport, a SIM is a requirement that must be owned by motorists who use the highway. Especially for motorbikes must use SIM C or type of SIM for 2-wheeled vehicles. The minimum age limit for making SIM C is 16 years, so if you know people who drive using motorcycles less than 16 years already know that it violates the rules? Besides, before getting a SIM C, you must do a test, bro, both the practical and written tests. For written tests intended for basic knowledge such as signs and others, while for practice is a way to find out your driving skills.

Don’t stop at the Zebra Cross

Drivers who do this will be sentenced to a maximum imprisonment of two months. Furthermore, a fine of around Rp. 500 thousand will be imposed. If the yellow light is on, it’s better to get ready to stop so as not to cross the crossing line. The regulations above were made because they caused many problems on the road. Especially those who smoke and listen to music. The rider’s behavior caused the most traffic accidents. Although it is small, don’t violate it. So, from now on pay attention to the existing rules and never to act selfishly on the highway.

Complete your Driving Gear

Complete your gear, such as a helmet, jacket, boots, and pants that are just right for riding. There are various types and types of helmets available on the market. Actually, in choosing a safety helmet, we only need 2 (two) criteria, namely: comfortable and safe. Comfortable when we wear it and safe by choosing a helmet that is marked “DOT” in (usually) the inside. not recommended the use of project helmets/helmets to use to drive two wheels. Half face helmet types are avoided if possible for trips out of town. The use of this helmet has been regulated in Law No. 22 of 2009 Chapter VII Part Four Article 57 Paragraph 2; Chapter IX concerning Traffic Fourth Section Paragraph 1 Article 106 paragraphs 8 and 9 and Criminal Provisions by Chapter XX Article 291 paragraph 1 and 2 and Article 292. 

Now the jacket is present in a variety of materials, colors, and models. Choose a jacket that is comfortable and safe for your needs. Of course, on long trips, we may not be able to bring various jackets with various materials. Choose which absorbs sweat and is not transparent. We highly recommend the friction and water-resistant Gore-Tex or Cordura material coated with cotton on the inside. Installation of protectors on the shoulders, back, elbows, and along the bones of the hand is very good to reduce the impact that occurs at the time of the accident. The use of pants is highly recommended made from thick materials, such as jeans, soft canvas, Gore-lex leather, and Cordura. 

The three ingredients mentioned last have a pretty good friction resistance. It’s just a drawback, not too comfortable to wear when the sun is hot. To get around this, usually, a layer of cotton is placed inside, so that it can absorb sweat properly. For factory-made touring pants, usually, somebody armor has also been installed, including in the back area to protect the coccyx, side hips, knees, and shins. The correct choice of shoes for motorbike driving is not only comfortable to wear, but the most important thing is the softness of the front ankle joint. We recommend using safety shoes that meet ISO standards. This is intended when you do a “panic brake” (breaking up), your feet will immediately channel power to the brake lever properly and not stuck in the “hard” shoes.


now you have 5 tips you should follow before riding in Jakarta. we hope this article will help you  to make your riding in Jakarta safer and more fun. Also don’t forget to check other recommendations on our blog.

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