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When you think about moving, the first thing that you probably would think and have to do would be packing. The thought of having to stuff a bunch of things into a limited space that you have to be able to carry is sometimes too much. Not just in terms of the effort that you would need to put in it, but also the amount of time for planning you would need. Even though it might be one of the more undesirable, looming, and most likely to be procrastinated part, it still needs to be done. So to help you through the pain and mess, here are some tips and tricks that can help in your packing.

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Make a list!

    This might come as a surprise, but one of the keys to productive and effective adult life is in having a list of priorities for you to do. And no, go with the flow sounds good to hear but in reality, it’ll just give you more anxiety and mental burden since you won’t always remember what you have and haven’t done. If you don’t want to make a list then fine, but when the things you need to remember are hidden deep beneath your brain, we hope it’s not too late to make a list!

Have a proper suitcase

    Yes, having the right suitcase is important. We hope that you’ve taken the adequate time for choosing the right one back in those good old days where you can buy them easily with your parents’ or friends’ help. If you didn’t, then either hope that your old suitcase is enough, your money is enough to buy a new one, or you know someone that has a spare. Either way, knowing the specifics that you need in terms of your suitcase would increase the ease of moving. Having multiple suitcases with a combination of a carry-on can also help.

How much clothes

    Clothes would almost always be the brunt of the things you pack when moving. Deciding which clothes you would take with you then almost naturally be an important aspect of packing. So always know which clothes are worth to be part of the things that you pack. You can get more stuff in if you take the lighter ones with you and if you’re going to bring jeans, then bring the lighter ones. Even wearing it instead when moving would help significantly!

Decide how much other items you’re going to carry

    Aside from clothes, other items will naturally take up much of the weight. You must take the things that are needed to be packed. If you can buy it at your destination, then buy it there. A lot of people might see that as too much of a hassle, but if you have the money just buy it there, especially electronics or the heavier type of hygiene items.

Buy small when you can!

    Especially for things like shampoo, soap, medicine, and snacks, try to buy small if you need to bring them along the trip. It’ll save you some extra weight and gives you less stress on getting your things to your destination. Things related to the bathroom should get less of a priority if it means squeezing in some important electronics or clothes.

Divide the things you’re going to pack.

    The art of packing is one of a kind, one of the more creative aspects of it is in dividing the things you’re going to pack. This might mean going full-on Tetris with your stuff. The natural way to start is to put clothes near other clothes, and the same type of clothes next to each other. Just try to put them as fittingly as possible and squeeze them as hard as you can, sometimes you might be surprised as to how much space you can use for the packing of your clothes!

Fold, fold, fold

    Now, this might come as a given, but some people might not know that folding your clothes might significantly help you get more room for other things. Sometimes, you would need to fold your shirt, jacket, socks, or shorts into really small forms so that the packing is more condense, then you can get more space for other more important and less easily-formed items.

Keep pressing!

    After everything is in, the final step is to press the darn suitcase and carry-ons. If it is still easy to be closed, then there is a high chance that there’s probably still some room left in them. So, try to get some of the other non-essential items in! You get a free pass this time. And when it seems a bit harder to close, press, press, and press. Pressing it by way of sitting on it can work wonders too! Just know the limits, of course. You’ll feel the pressure of the limit when you feel it.

Weigh it

    No matter what type of transportation you are going to take, or the weight limit for baggage and luggage that you have, weighing it would always be a good idea. You would be able to understand the weight of each carry-on or suitcase that you’re bringing. Because you know every one of their weights, you can plan on which ones need to be put to which place. Whether it is in a car, a train, or on a plane. So, just weigh it, either by carrying your baggage and stepping on a regular scale, then subtracting your weight on the result, or just try to find someplace to help you do it!

Even though there is arguably an infinite number of packing strategies that you can do to make things easier, this guide can give you a start on the matter. Whether you would need to modify it to your needs is entirely up to you. Aside from of course being naturally diligent, another way that can help is by having priorities is key in moving in general, especially the packing part!

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