9 Tips to Save Money While Moving to a New Place

We’re not going to lie, moving is expensive. Moving may sound very exciting. But when the day comes where you have to deal with all those cardboard boxes and duct tape, things may not seem as dreamy as they used to be. Imagine splurging your wallet on moving supplies and paying the moving companies. The thought of spending so much money could be stressful, especially when you’re on a tight budget. Well, the good news is that you can manage to save your money while moving! Here are the things you need to do to move out without spending a lot of money.

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Find free moving supplies

When you don’t have any plan for moving, boxes are usually thrown away. But when you do, you’ll ask for them more than anything. Don’t bother purchasing one, for you can get them without spending a penny. Go to the nearest grocery store and ask if they would hand you some boxes from the warehouse. Trust us, they are really a cardboard goldmine.  If you need specific cardboard boxes for moving your stuff, go to the nearest local wine shop to get boxes with dividers to put your glasses and bottles easily. Need stronger boxes to carry your book collection? Hit up the bookstore and ask if they have sturdy boxes to pack your belongings.

Shop moving supplies at the dollar store

Moving to a new place means you’ll have to shop for supplies such as duct tape, scissors, bubble wrap, and cleaning kit. Hit up the dollar store and shop for the supplies there. Rather than shopping at the usual grocery or craft store, you can get what you need in the dollar store with the same quality but half the price. 

Ditch the things you don’t need

The more stuff you carry, the more it will cost you. People tend to collect everything, including the things they don’t need. Talking about moving out, try not to be a hoarder. Declutter your belongings and bring only what you need. Sell or donate the stuff you don’t need to charity organizations. Not only you’re doing good, but you could also earn some money! However, make sure the stuff you sell or donate are still in decent condition. If your things are broken or worn out, just throw it away. 

Compare and pick the most suitable moving companies

If you need help from a moving company, you need to plan in advance. Pick at least three companies to compare. Each company has its own rate and they compete with the others. This is a good thing since you can find good deals when a company is trying to attract movers. When you are on a tight budget, the main point you will compare from the companies must be the cost. However, don’t forget to compare other important things such as the way they will treat your stuffs and how they manage to cooperate with you. Their websites may not show their true colors, but if you’re eager to know about It, look for customer’s reviews and ask for opinions from former customers. 

Learn how the movers charge

Every moving company charges differently. Most of them usually charge per hour, so we all know that we should optimize the moving process as fast as possible. Not only that, but we also should acknowledge how they charge extras. Some companies have extra charge for stairs, and some companies charge for the use of a wrench. Pro-tip, deconstruct your stuffs before the movers carry them to avoid the extra charge. 

Move at an odd time

Avoid moving on the peak seasons, usually, it’s at the end of the month, and the mid-month. Moving companies are usually the busiest on these times, and they will charge more for bookings during these certain times. Instead, move when it’s off-season. When the demands are lower, moving companies tend to lower their rates either. So mark up your calendar, and do not splurge your money by moving on the wrong day!

Avoid rush hour

If the cost of moving companies don’t do it for you and you decide to move alone, avoid rush hour. Whether you move your stuffs with your own vehicle or rent a truck, the traffic jam will stress you out and cost a lot of gas. Save yourself time and gas money by driving at off-peak hours.

Put what you have in use

The most unexpected things will help you on your moving day. Carrying your book collection with a cardboard box can be stressful, since the form and the weight of the box won’t fit your arms well. Ditch the boxes for other items and use luggage instead. You can put your book tidily and carry it around easily on wheels. Moving your hanging clothes inside the wardrobe can also get in your nerves since folding them means you have to iron it all over again. Grab some trash bags and cover your clothes with them! Let the hangers show on the top so you can easily move it. 

Packing delicate things can be frightening since they could break easily. People usually use bubble wraps to protect them, but when you’re on a tight budget, skip it and use your blankets and sheets instead. You can also use socks to protect small mugs. However, you should be aware that this will raise your water bill, since you’re going to have to wash them all. So, bubble wraps or your existing fabrics? Your call. 

Optimize your utility shut-down dates

Moving out means installing utilities in your new place. Before installing them, do not forget to shut down the utilities in your old place. Give them a call and ask if they can prorate your bill as of your departure date. If they don’t want to do so and the billing date doesn’t line up with your moving day, consider cutting them off early so you won’t pay for an extra month. Trust us, your wallet will thank you for it.

Your wallet is just as important as you move! We hope this list could bring the best out of your move and save your money for other needs!

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