Tips to Stay Productive with Many Deadlines

For those of you who have many work deadlines, you will feel stressed by all the piles of work while there is only a small amount of time available to complete all the work. Therefore, maintaining the effectiveness and efficiency of time is one of the mandatory things that you must do, especially at work. Time management is needed so you can be more productive at work even when you have deadlines. We have tips for those of you who want to stay productive when you have lots of deadlines.

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1. Make a To-Do List

The first thing you should do to be more productive at work is to make a to-do list. By making a to-do list you can predict and organize the schedule properly. Every day you will have tasks that you have to do, you can plan your daily schedule with your daily to-do list. This can be done so that you have good time management and being productive.

2. Create Priority Management

The next tip for being more productive at work is to learn how to make a schedule according to priority. That way, your work will be completed according to the schedule you have made, of course, finished as it should. No late deadlines, and such. Make it from the most important to the least important. In making a schedule according to priorities, it is necessary to understand the respective tasks that you have to do. That is why your work priority is only you who know it.

3. Recognize Your Productive Time

Recognize Your Productive Time

Everyone has their respective productive time. Some people are more productive at work in the morning, some are more productive at night. If you have productive time working in the morning, then maximize that time for work! Recognizing a time when you were more productive is one of the important points, this cannot be denied. A person will be more productive if he feels comfortable doing work. This can be supported by this productive time.

4. Start Work Early

Starting work early won’t hurt you. If you usually start work at 9 a.m., there’s nothing wrong with starting an hour or half an hour earlier to do your work. First, you can finish work earlier than usual. If later there is work that hasn’t been completed you can finish it because you saved an hour or half an hour earlier.

5. Don’t Delay Your Work

If you have a habit of putting off work because it feels heavy or difficult or just lazy to do it, try doing a job that you feel is difficult at the beginning or doing the job you might like first and then completing the easier work. If this works, then everything else will feel easy and quick to finish. Using time management and self-discipline well are the key to keep productive.

6. Focus on Work

focus on work
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Focus is one of the keys to staying productive when there are many deadlines. As much as possible, focus on the work that is being done at this time. Avoid doing more than one job (multitasking) because it will prevent you from completing the task at the same time. Avoid and keep away things that can bother you or reduce your focus when working such as phone or social media. If you focus on your work, your time will be more effective and efficient, and of course, you will be more productive at your job.

7. Minimize The Job Details Section

Seeing a lot of work and that big makes you complain a lot. Doing great work one by one and step by step will help you to finish your work quickly without feeling overwhelmed, not seeing the whole work, but seeing it gradually. Do it slower than you could the first time. So, it will reduce your burden.

8. Provide a Break Time

If you feel like you have a good time management, you should never feel tired, because you have a good rest schedule. But if you feel like you don’t have time to rest, it means that your schedule and time management are not good. You might kinda need some improvements.

Adequate rest allows you to use your time more productively. Resting also creates stability to think that you can stay awake and get better. After we rest, the mind will become calmer and more relaxed. Just take 30 minutes in between your busy life, so the anxiety that arises will decrease by itself!

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9. Nutritious Food Intake

nutritious food intake to stay productive
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Having a lot of deadlines will be very stressful, so the body needs a lot of nutrients. For the body not to tire easily and have a strong immune system, nutritious eating is very important to be consumed. Especially when you have a lot of activities or deadlines to work on. Don’t forget to avoid unhealthy foods such as junk food.

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10. Planning a Vacation After The Deadline Is Over

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From the list before, you are required to focus on time management to be more productive at work. But it will be difficult to happen if you are in a bad condition, either physically or psychologically.

To keep up the enthusiasm for work, making a plan for a vacation is an interesting thing. Vacation is the right reason to make the body refreshed from a tired body. You can plan a short getaway by sightseeing the closest tourist spots, shopping at the mall, having a picnic, and more. No need to spend a lot of money, just enough to make you tired!

Having lots of deadlines is very confusing and stressful. Nevertheless, we must remain productive when we have a lot of deadlines so that there is no work left behind. By doing the 10 tips above, hopefully, you can stay productive when you have lots of deadlines. Don’t forget to do the tips above when you have lots of deadlines and check other tips on our blog. Hope it will help you!

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