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Top Foreign-Owned Companies in Indonesia

Indonesia has economically grown over the past few years. It became one of the countries that companies would like to invest in and as a result, some have risen to the top in Indonesia. In fact, many of us don’t recognize these companies because it has been among us for so many years. So, here’s a list of 5 top foreign-owned companies that is successful in Indonesia. 

Side note: The list here does not denote their actual rank in Indonesia.



Who doesn’t know Unilever? Being one of the biggest companies in the world, Unilever is a British-Dutch transnational consumer goods company. Its headquarters are in London and Rotterdam. Unilever has been operating in Indonesia since 1933 and has become one of Indonesia’s leading fast-moving consumer goods companies, capitalizing over $144 billion. Unilever’s brand includes Pepsodent, Lux, Lifebuoy, Sunsilk, Vaseline, Royco, and more!



Toyota is one of the biggest multinational automotive manufacturer companies in the world. Established in Japan in 1933, it has become the most used brand of cars in the world. In Indonesia, Toyota started operating in 1971, and to this day Toyota has grown and has one of the biggest manufacturing factories; capitalizing over $15 billion. In Indonesia itself, many cars on the street are Toyota. It has proven to have great qualities in machines and services.



You probably heard a mineral water brand called Aqua? The local people always called mineral water by ‘Aqua,’ but surprisingly, this brand is owned by Danone and it’s a French multinational food-product corporation. Established in 1915, its headquarters are in Paris and Barcelona. Danone has been in Indonesia since 1930 and has been growing ever since with the capital over $200 million. Some of the brands from this company that we know other than Aqua is Mizone, Vit Mineral Water, Bebelac, Nutrilon Royal, and more!



Samsung is well known for its smartphones, but being a multinational electronics manufacturing company, it has other products such as TV, monitors, printers, refrigerators, and much more! Being the worlds leading electronic company from South Korea that is established in 1938, its revenue is up to more than $221 billion. Samsung had come to Indonesia around the year 1969. Its first few years of products were home electronic goods such as the black and white TV.

Astra Honda Motor

If you see many motorbikes in the street, probably 80% of them is a product from this company. Surprisingly, this company is just a subsidiary from the conglomerate company Astra International, Astra has 50% of investment in Toyota, making this conglomerate company stronger in the automotive manufacturing business. Astra Honda itself was first built in 1971 in Indonesia as a pioneer company of motorbikes from Honda. Honda is initially from Japan and was built in 1955. To this day, its leading products are motorbikes, with a revenue of $108 trillion. 

So, that’s 5 successful companies in Indonesia that are owned by foreign countries. Growing a business takes time and these world-leading companies have proven to have quality in their products in years of process. We hope this information will be eye-opening and inspiring for you!

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