5 Types of Love Languages That You Need to Know

When it comes to love, there are so many things to talk about. Starting from the definition of love itself, the types of love that we possess for certain people, until the way we express our love to other people. The last thing is especially important because it can help both ourselves and the people we love to have a better understanding of each other. We can expand our knowledge about the things that would make us and our loved ones feel happy and satisfied in the relationships we have built with them. There’s this term called “love languages” that was first introduced by Dr. Gary Chapman in his book “The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate” in 1992. Generally, “love languages” is a concept that shows how we express our love to other people.

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Although many people associate this concept with romantic love, it can also be applied to relationships between family members and friends. By knowing your own love languages along with your loved ones, you can maintain a healthy relationship where everybody is contented with it. That’s why it is necessary to discover in which category of love language types you fall under. In general, there are 5 types of love languages that you need to know. Now, to learn the details about those love languages, let’s check out the following list below!

1. Words of Affirmation

words of affirmation love language type
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The first love language that we will talk about is words of affirmation. Are you the type of person who will feel extremely happy after hearing your loved ones tell you something along the lines like “I love you”, or “You mean so much to me”, or “I value our friendship”, or “I am so grateful to have you in my life”? If the answer is yes, then the possibility is huge that you have words of affirmation as your primary love language. This type of love language uses words to express love towards our loved ones in order to make them feel loved, appreciated and reassured. So, it’s not surprising if people with this love language like to hear praises, compliments, as well as uplifting words. Also, they would really like to receive long letters full of kind words and encouragement from someone they love and respect so much.

2. Quality Time

quality time
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The second type of love language that you need to know is quality time. Those who have this type of love language would appreciate the full attention given by the people they love when they are spending time together. For example, when you are on a date with your significant other, you would constantly expect them to focus only on you. And you feel the happiest when they don’t play with their gadgets. Instead, they listen to all your stories while making eye contact to convince you that the only thing they really care about at that moment is you. If you love being treated this way, you are more likely to have quality time as your love language.

3. Physical Touch

physical touch love language
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Talking about love languages, there is one type called physical touch that requires more intimacy with other people. However, it doesn’t only mean and talk about sex. It could also be simple gestures such as holding hands, touching arms, hugging each other, or even giving a back massage to help the people we love feel relaxed. Moreover, the idea of having someone hold you so dearly close to them makes you feel safe and happy at the same time. With that said, if you are the type who feels most loved when you are being taken care of in ways that involve a lot of physical affection, then maybe you do have physical touch as your primary love language.

4. Acts of Service

acts of service love
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Out of all the five love languages that you need to know, the next one is called acts of service. If you possess this type of love language, you will not easily be moved by mere words only. Rather, you will appreciate it more if your loved one shows their love to you through real actions. For example, when they constantly help you do house chores without you asking them first, or when they patiently take good care of you when you are sick. Furthermore, the form of the acts themselves could be varied from the smallest things to the biggest things. And it won’t really matter to you. Because after all, what makes you the happiest is their intention and sincerity when they help you.

5. Receiving Gifts

receiving gifts
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The last type of love language that we will tell you about is receiving gifts. As we all know that the act of giving gifts symbolizes love and affection. Hence, it is not very surprising that people with receive gifts as their primary love language will feel the most loved and appreciated when they got some gifts from their beloved ones. However, they never put any attention to the price or the size of the gift itself. What’s really important for them is the intention, the sincerity, and the efforts made by the gift-giver. In addition to that, what appeals to you more than the gift itself is the meaning behind it. Also, you tend to remember all the gifts you have ever received from almost everyone because they made such impacts on your life.

That’s all the 5 types of love languages that you need to know. After getting to know a little bit about all of them, do you now have any idea of what is your primary love language?

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