How to Manually Wash Clothes: Easy Tips for Great Results

Washing clothes with the help of a washing machine is indeed much more effective and easy to do. However, washing clothes manually is more recommended than using a washing machine. Washing clothes manually means that you have taken good care of your clothes. If you wash by hand, you will thoroughly clean clothes and clothes that don’t get damaged quickly by machines.

In washing clothes manually, there are a number of things that you must pay attention to in order to get maximum results and will give you a sense of satisfaction because you wash your clothes yourself. Check out the steps and tips and tricks below to find out how to wash clothes manually.

Steps for Washing Clothes Manually

1. Separate Colored Clothes from White Clothes

Separate Colored Clothes from White Clothes

If you are one of those who wash a lot at once to save time and effort, make sure you separate clothes to be washed by color. Avoid washing colored clothes with whites at the same time. This is to avoid color fading and damage white clothes.

2. Fill the Bucket with Cold Water

It is recommended to wash clothes using cold water. Avoid using hot or warm water because it will damage your clothes. You can use hot water to wash underwear to remove adhered bacteria.

3. Add Enough Detergent, then Soak the Clothes

It is important to remember that you use enough detergent so that it does not become slippery and difficult to rinse. After that you can leave the clothes in the soaking for 15 to 30 minutes. If the clothes are very dirty, you can soak them longer.

4. Gently Rub Clothes with Hand

Gently Rub Clothes with Hand

Cleaning clothes by rubbing them with your hands must be done slowly and carefully, so as not to damage and scuff your clothes.

5. Clean Stains that are Hard to Lose

Use a special cleaning brush for clothes to clean stubborn stains. Do this by gently brushing the stained area.

6. Rinse the Clothes

After making sure there are no stains left, now is the time for you to rinse the clothes. Empty the bucket first, then fill it again using cold, clean water. Use the water to rinse the clothes again. Rinsing clothes should be done repeatedly until the foam is completely gone.

7. Dry the Clothes.

drying clothes under the sun

After washing your clothes, it is time for you to dry your clothes in direct sunlight or indirect sunlight, this depends on the type of clothing.

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Tips for Washing White Clothes that Have Turned Yellow

Washing white clothes that have turned yellow is very easy to do, you can even use simple ingredients. You definitely don’t want to wear clothes that are dull in color, instead of being extravagant because you always buy new white clothes, you can start trying to clean white clothes that have turned yellow. Check out some of the following tips for washing yellowing white clothes for you to practice later.

Soak with Lemon or Lime Squeeze

Washing white clothes that have turned yellow can be done by using lemon or lime juice. This is because the ingredients in lemon and lime can replace the use of natural bleaching chemicals.

The steps that need to be done are, prepare half a glass of lemon or lime juice. Then mix it with 5 to 10 liters of water, then soak your white clothes for a few hours or overnight. If so, wash clothes as usual. You can also give the final rinse with lime juice mixture again.

White Vinegar Mixture

White vinegar has properties similar to lemon, which acts as an alternative to bleach for clothes made from natural ingredients. Apart from helping to remove yellow stains, white vinegar also gives softness to fabrics. So that it helps your clothes come back bright and comfortable to use.

The steps that need to be done are quite easy, namely by adding a quarter or half a cup of white vinegar to the water, then use it to soak your white clothes.

Baking Soda Mixture

baking soda for Washing White Clothes that Have Turned Yellow

Wash white clothes that have turned yellowed can then be used by using baking soda or baking soda. Baking soda or sodium bicarbonate has something in common with bleach. In addition to helping remove stains, baking soda is also antiseptic and can kill bacteria and give your clothes a fragrance.

The step that needs to be done is to simply mix a cup of baking soda with four liters of water. Use this water to soak your white clothes, then wash them clean as usual.

Dish Washing Soap

Washing white clothes that have turned yellow can then be done by using dish soap. Using dish soap can help get rid of stains that haven’t dried and make them run more easily. Another plus is that dish soap has a lighter material and is safer in keeping fabrics soft.

The step that needs to be done is to mix water, detergent and dish soap. Then use the water mixture to soak your white clothes for a while. After soaking, scrub and rinse your clothes as usual.

5 Tips for Washing Clothes to Have Long-lasting Smell

Once you start washing your own clothes and do it manually, you will want to make your clothes smell long lasting. Sometimes, even though you have used concentrated liquid to give your clothes a fragrant aroma, the fragrance is often easily lost, especially when you are doing activities outdoors.

To get the results of washing clothes by hand that have a long lasting fragrance, you can listen to the following steps, and start practicing them in your next laundry.

1. Soak Clothes for Enough Time

Washing clothes always begins with the process of soaking and using detergent. Even though it is able to remove stains and dirt, it turns out you also have to remember that soaking clothes in detergent for too long can have bad effects such as damaging clothes and also causing unpleasant odors. In order to avoid this and so that your clothes have a perfect smell and are durable, it is recommended that you do not soak them for too long.

Do the process of soaking clothes with detergent in water for about 15 minutes. Although washing that starts from soaking clothes for about 15 minutes. Also make sure you always change the water used for washing, rinsing, and soaking with fabric softener and perfume. By always changing the water used, this aims to avoid residual dirt carried away from the laundry.

2. Squeeze the Washed Clothes so the Dirt Does Not Stick Back

After you finish washing the clothes with detergent, make sure you squeeze the clothes immediately and don’t let them mix with dirty foam, in order to avoid the dirt getting back on your clothes. By immediately wringing out the clothes, dirt and residual soapy water will drop and disappear from the clothes.

Also, make sure you squeeze the clothes properly and cleanly until the foam is completely gone. After wringing it out, continue the process of soaking the clothes in a special clothing fragrance.

3. Dry Clothes Immediately

Clothes that have been soaked in fragrance need to be wrung out again before drying them in the sun. After wringing out the clothes from the last soak, make sure you immediately dry them. Clothes that have been rinsed and that are clean should not be left in the bucket for too long, because bacteria will appear and develop and then cause an unpleasant odor.

The process of drying clothes needs to be done carefully. Avoid drying clothes in direct sunlight, so dry your clothes in a cool air-conditioned way to keep your clothes smelling good. Where the wind will help evaporation without removing the fragrant smell of clothes.

4. Use Ironing Lubricant for More Fragrance

Use Ironing Lubricant for More Fragrance
Source: Pexel

One way to get a long lasting fragrance on clothes is to use a clothes pelican during the process of ironing clothes. The use of clothes lubricant can make clothes smell even more fragrant and the smell of folded clothes will be preserved.

Another tip that you have to remember is, if your clothes are stored by hanging them in the wardrobe, don’t forget to give a cupboard deodorizer to keep your clothes moist and free from mold.

 5. Spray the Clothes with Laundry Perfume

The last step you can take to get clothes that smells long lasting is to use laundry perfume which has a fragrant and long lasting aroma. It is indeed more expensive in terms of price, but in accordance with the result will make your clothes more fragrant and durable.

After the clothes are finished ironing, spray some laundry fragrance on the cold clothes. Spray at a distance of approximately 30 cm from the clothes, so that the scent that is sprayed will spread maximally on the clothes.

Those are some things you need to know about washing clothes. Starting from the steps for washing clothes manually, tips on washing yellowing clothes to how to get long-lasting fragrant clothes. Now washing feels easier, right?

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