10 Ways to Make Your Apartment Eco-friendly

Being good to mother nature is essential to keep the harmony balanced. What we could do to protect it is by starting to also realize how the impacts of our lunch plastic packaging or our favorite cheap fast-fashion brands have added up to the issue. In other words, adopting a new lifestyle that puts much more consideration to the overall ecosystem occurring on earth is one of the keys to putting down the fire that keeps irresponsible factories burning and producing more black cloud to pollute not only our air but also our fellow faunas and floras’. Let’s start from where you wake up in the morning and end up sleeping at night—yes, your home. Here is a list of ten simple ways you could apply to make your apartment eco-friendly. Don’t worry, a step at a time is better than never.  

1. Bulk shopping

bulk shoppinf for eco friendly apartment

Buying groceries in bulks could minimize your waste because then the unnecessary packaging that’s done by most retail supermarkets such as Hypermart or Carrefour is absent. Yeah, maybe when these packagings were first invented everybody’s initial reaction was enthusiastic due to the neatness and effectiveness aspects. However, when they have now become nothing but waste, the beloved invention should always end up in the rubbish bin. Unable to be composed, then they’ll stay there forever. Not having much creativity skills to level them up into something useful, then our earth will drown in them. 

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The bulk shopping alternative has definitely attracted many sustainable enthusiasts. Thus, if you search for “bulk stores near me” or “zero-waste stores near me”, you’ll likely to find genuine results to help you actualize this eco-friendly lifestyle as you’ll be more considerate about the amount of packaging you’re going to throw away. Moreover, most bulk stores or zero waste stores require you to bring your own container for each good you’re buying. So, it’s literally a zero-waste approved shopping in equal! 

2. Make eco-enzyme

Did you know that you could recycle your organic kitchen waste and make it into eco-enzyme disinfectant by fermenting them in a tight container with some sugar and water? Also, it releases ozone that’s needed to reduce the greenhouse effect, what a way to save mother nature! Try looking up for the perfect measurement online because it’s been hyping these days. 

3. Make your own coffee

It’s crazy to think about how coffee shops attract you more than the deadlines you should be working on inside their cozy spaces. However, these shops often leave tons of plastic cups every month because ceramic cups could easily break and take time to wash up especially when the customers are waiting in a crazy long line. To add up, the average spending on every millennial is approximately IDR1,000,000 per month, and that’s for coffee only! With the same amount of money, you could’ve done so much more, even a little charity for the unfortunates. While there are many coffee shop signatures disseminated online today, why not give them a few shots? Be your own barista and get those deadlines done without having to leave an empty plastic cup and straw behind!

4. Plant your own herbs

plant own herbs

Planting little pots of herbs such as mint, rosemary, dill, or basil in your windowsills is a great way to build a connection with mother nature. This way, you’ll be able to truly experience a side-by-side moment that influences you to develop a sense of consideration towards other beings. Thus, even without notice, you’ll take great care of them as well as their other friends outside your home. Planting your own herbs also help you minimizing waste because most supermarkets have them ready in neat plastic packaging that is troublesome to get rid of. Also, having some greeneries at home can relieve stress from living in a cramped space as they add up some dimensional illusion to make it look wider. Not only more eco-friendly, but your apartment will also be more homely.

5. Shop secondhand

Rather than supporting furniture brands that slowly but surely take down every tree that’s remaining on earth, to shop furniture goods at secondhand stores could be a great alternative. We all have learned about 3R to help us minimize the overflowing wave of non-organic waste. To shop secondhand falls into the point of REUSE—reusing stuff that is still functional and great looking, so they don’t end up in the landfill. Moreover, another benefit of shopping secondhand is to find unique vintage goods for a fair price. So, your apartment could be one of a kind and eco-friendly at the same time!

6. Get a water filter

If your tap water is not safe to drink, then getting a water filter is a great way to reduce the number of water gallons or bottles you’ve been drinking your water from. We all know that plastic waste is our number one enemy today. So, before it’s all too late, let us minimize the unnecessary plastic waste our household regularly produces. Also, you can recycle it into something functional for you. 

7. Provide recycle bins

recycle bins for eco-friendly apartment

Providing specific bins for water bottles or any other plastic waste is a smart move. It will remind yourself about how many other alternatives you could’ve been made or chosen other than those plastics. Also, there are usually some plastic waste collectors in your neighborhood, but make sure you know clearly where these go!

8. Use cloth, not tissue papers

Tissue papers are one of many irreplaceable inventions in a civilized society. But, did you know that you could just swap these tissue papers with little towel or cloth? Those are washable and definitely reusable after cleaned and dried. Definitely more eco-friendly! Although, you’ll need to spare extra time in your schedule to wash them up. However, does the cost of earth’s sustainability is equal to a clean how much does an hour actually cost than supporting the illegal logging forever only to fulfill your need for a clean bum?  

9. Declutter and giveaway 

declutter for eco-friendly apartment

Decluttering your things every week is a great way to get rid of unnecessary stuff that you must’ve bought out of your hungry eyes. Remember, don’t throw away any of these right away. Instead, you could always give them away to houses of charity that aim to make the world so much better for the unfortunates. 

10. Save water, save energy 

Yes, we’ve heard about this a lot, but really, let’s make this a habit. Don’t let your water flow while shampooing or lathering your body with soap or scrubbing your plates. So, only turn it on again only when you want to rinse them. Also, don’t turn on your lights during the day because that’s unnecessary just by common logic. Always aware of your apartment energy consumption is crucial to make it as eco-friendly as possible.

This list has ten simplest ways you could do to start making a change for mother earth through make your apartment more eco-friendly. Remember, it’s not compulsory, to begin with, all the ten since cultivating a new lifestyle takes time as well. The key is to always handle every way with the sincerest heart. Good luck! 

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