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Best Wedding Organizers in Jakarta

Having a perfect and memorable wedding day is not separated from a good organization. All the planning we have made with many ideas in our heads, we have to execute it in the best way. Wedding organizers are needed for brides & grooms to be in order to consult all matters about the wedding, including design, decoration, the wedding concept, and even adjust the budget to the wedding expectations. They want the family or friends of the bride and groom is no longer busy managing the event but can enjoy being a guest on the show itself.

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These names are those wedding organizers with the highest quality, have the most creative ideas, a lot of experience, and the most recommended by Jakartans. The experts on this list will help you achieve the dream wedding day that you have been picturing of all this time, or even they will come up with their amazing ideas so you won’t expect it. Trust us: after you read this list, you will definitely call one of them when planning your wedding. Here, the best wedding organizers in Jakarta:

1. Ayodya Wedding

Ayodya Wedding

Located in South Jakarta, Ayodya Wedding is one wedding organizer that offers an interesting concept in holding a wedding. The beginning of this wedding organizer stems from a service company that focuses on the provider stage designer when they want to hold a fashion show. Apparently, in its development, many clients consulted about their wedding parties. Finally, in 2009, stood Ayodya Wedding Organizer with Devy as the founder.

Ayodya Wedding offers a unique concept compared to the beautiful concept that most people choose, like nature-themed, such as under the sea. In accordance with the agreed themes, Ayodya Wedding will provide some references for the selection of home bands, clothes, or designers to fit the theme.

There are 2 services offered, Planner and D-day. For Planner, Ayodya Wedding only accepts two clients a year. Because of preparation for one couple can take 6-8 months intensely. They deliberately do not want to take more than 2 to maintain quality. While D-day service is only 1 client per 3 months. After all, even if the client chooses D-day, it still has to be discussed for about 6 months to understand the desired concept, such as semi-planning. Ayodya Wedding does not set prices per package. If a client asks for a price, a few questions will be given. Then, Ayodya Wedding will bring the price offered and a list of the work they will do at the price.



Social Media: @ayodya_wedding

2. Bantu Manten

“Bantu Manten” is a Javanese term for “Helping the Bride & Groom”. As the name implies, Bantu Manten is a wedding organizer that specifically works on a variety of outdoor parties with a natural concept. Because of these specifications, Bantu Manten succeeded in winning the young couple’s heart. Ardian established this wedding organizer with his two partners, Yazid Khadafi and Marlina Novita, who dare to throw a different concept to the market. Bantu Manten will actually determine the price after meeting with their clients. Thus, clients can adjust their budget to the concept of the party.

Because of their flexible prices, Ardian claimed to have worked on a wedding with a budget of around Rp. 40 million. The budget was arranged in such a way that the wedding was carried out as beautifully as possible. For him, this business is not just looking for profit, but also to help young couples who want to get married but hampered with budget issues. 

Contact: +62819 – 2002 -011


Social Media: @bantumanten

3. Akuwedding

Akuwedding Planner and Organizer

Discovered by celebrity, Ayudia Bing Slamet and her husband, Dito, Akuwedding succeeded in becoming one of the most recommended wedding organizers in Jakarta. They started the business about 4 years ago, and also as the wedding organizer for their big day. Akuwedding preparing wedding equipment from the local style to western style. The service is also related to the needs of the wedding party including photography, decoration, catering, and so forth. Akuwedding provides end to end wedding needs and also services to organize their clients’ memorable moment depend on their need.

Various choices are offered, ranging from the cheapest around Rp. 50 million to the most expensive Rp. 240 million. All booking weddings and services depend on the price paid.

Contact: +62811 – 9422- 990


Social Media: @akuwedding

4. Big Enterprise Wedding Organizer

Big Enterprise is a company engaged in the field of wedding organizer services that aim to help the bride and groom in preparing and ensuring everything goes according to plan from the beginning to the end of the event. Several types have been arranged by Big Enterprise,  both international and traditional weddings, both large and small, both in Jakarta and outside Jakarta.

Jakarta-based Big Enterprise was established in 2005, led by Bigson Alandro, who has been in the wedding field for a long time since 1999 by joining one of the wedding organizers in Jakarta. An understanding of the hopes and wishes of the bride and groom and the experience of Big Enterprise produces an ideal combination that can make a perfect wedding day, making wedding preparations a fun thing to do. Big Enterprise also works on Event Organizer, such as Birthday Party, Gathering, etc. 

Contact: +6221 – 8604 – 0984


Social Media: @bigenterprisewo

5. Fior Wedding Organizer

Fior Wedding Organizer has served hundreds of brides throughout Jakarta and Bali. Located in West Jakarta, this wedding organizer sets their price per package, for a full day wedding. Fior Wedding Organizer has experienced managing invited guests up to 1500 guests. They have known for their best teams and excellent teamwork skills, also the positive attitude that they offer to every client. Their attention to detail really helps the client and vendors from the preparation stage up until the day, so they manage everything really well. 

They give bonuses as well, including signage (sets of chairs and tables), signboard for VIP guests, and mingle tray for wedding souvenir containers. The team also has a money-back guarantee policy if the client is not satisfied with the results of the team’s performance and services. Cool, isn’t it? Besides their experiences, you can also get many offers for your big day. 

Contact: +62878 – 7699 – 6092


Social Media: @fiororganizer

So, what do you think? Have you found the right wedding organizer for you? We hope so!

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