Can Work From Home Be Financially Beneficial?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has been spreading all around the world, many people have been forced to be Working From Home (WFH), due to that policy, it affects everyone in so many ways. We may not be able to go out and hang out with our colleagues, to eat dinner outside, or to jog in our favorite park. We may also find it hard to manage our time since we spend our whole time inside the house and the workload has increased. However, there will be a spark of light even in the darkest night. Whether you have realized it or not, there is a good side of WFH that is beneficial for your finances. These are the things you usually spend so much money on, but not during the WFH period:

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Commuting costs

Whether you go to your workplace or school by public transportation or by your own vehicle, you know that you spend much of your money on this one. People who ride MRT daily spend Rp35.000 per day. Without riding it for a month, they can save Rp700.000. People who usually drive their own car or ride their own motorcycle to work have even greater benefits during this WFH period. It is obvious they will be saving on gas, but there is more than what meets the eye. They are putting fewer miles on their vehicles. Therefore, the machines will not wear and tear out easily since they are rarely used and this means they don’t have to service it as often. Other than that, you could save a lot of time and energy when you don’t have to get to places.

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Eating out 

On usual weekdays, you must’ve found yourself getting invited to eat lunch at the restaurants by your colleagues. After lunch, they might drag you to their favorite coffee shop, and there you will buy a cup of coffee and a pastry. Not to mention the weekends, the perfect time for you to go out with your family and your old friends, and also the perfect time to book a table in a fancy restaurant on the golf club. Yes, you will miss the sight of these moments and it feels sad, but hey! By putting all these agendas aside, you can save up to millions for not eating out. Do not worry about not meeting your loved ones, you will meet them again when this self-quarantine period is over.

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Clothing costs

Choosing your outfit can be a daily dilemma. When you’re already set to go, you checked out your Instagram story archive and realize that you’ve worn that shirt and jeans last week. Then, you go back to your wardrobe and ruin your pile of clothes to find your shirtdress- the one people haven’t seen before. This can lead to an impulsive clothes shopping which you’ll spend millions on. You can forget about this dilemma during the WFH period. Since you’ll be working in the comfort of your own home, feel free to wear anything that makes you feel comfortable.

Being at home also means you don’t even have to bother putting your makeup on. Forget the heavy foundation, blush, or your favorite lip gloss. No one will be seeing you unless the people in your house. Just put your hair up in a bun, get cozy in your favorite sweater and jogger pants, and make a cup of tea to accompany you while getting your tasks done. However, if you are having a video conference, you might want to dress up a little. Do not let your boss and colleagues see your ‘just woke up’ appearance. 

Internet data plans

When you have installed an unlimited Wi-Fi router in your house, you needn’t worry to buy phone data plans. Usually, people spend at least to Rp250.000 a month on buying data plans. But since you’re in your house all day long with an unlimited Wi-Fi connection, forget all these plans! However, make sure your Wi-Fi has a great and fast connection. If the connection often gets unstable and interrupted, you may want to change the internet provider. You don’t want your work to get disturbed by the poor connections, don’t you? Also, by saving up from all the things mentioned in this list, you could allocate your money usage to the things you will need more during the WFH period, like the Wi-Fi cost. 

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Not eating out means you will get to cook more. Cooking will be boring if you tend to make the same dish over and over. That’s why you might want to spend more of your money on groceries.  Surprisingly, buying groceries is much cheaper than buying ready food. Buy a wide variety of food ingredients so you will be able to create the menu you’d like to try. There are a lot of delicious recipes you can try all over the internet, from appetizers, main dishes, to desserts. These can’t be made without the right and complete ingredients. If you decide not to go out to get groceries, you can always shop for them online.

Staying home doesn’t only mean you will get to save up on eating costs because you cook by yourself, but you will always be able to eat those leftovers in your fridge. You might also want to stock up on coffee and milk to have your home-made coffee break session. During this pandemic, you might need to make a healthy meal plan to prevent you from getting to the point of hunger due to overworking and decide what to eat. Choose foods that can boost your energy, concentration, and alertness such as pumpkin seeds, dark chocolate, and eggs. You should also limit the intake of refined carbs, processed foods, and drinks with a high sugar level. 

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Since you’ll be staying inside more than ever, you need to spare your money for the electricity. By staying inside, you’ll turn the lights, television, and air conditioner on more often. You will spend 90 percent of your day in front of your laptop and your phone. Therefore, their batteries will run out faster and you will charge them even more often. If you want to try to save up on the electricity a little, you might want to schedule when do you need to turn the air conditioner on and you shouldn’t forget to turn the lights and television off when they’re not being used.

So, there you have the reasons why working from home is financially beneficial for you! We know that the situation is hard in so many ways, but we hope this article helps you and your wallet feel better! Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts!

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