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Jakarta’s Guide: What to Wear in a Club?

To some people, going to a club on Saturday nights can be relaxing. To others, it might be a way to find love or maybe broaden the network with other people. Clubbing can be tricky. It’s not an occasion like a birthday party, business events, or weddings when the guidelines of what to wear are clear. There are no such rules about what to wear in a club. You can wear anything that you like. But this time, we want to give ideas and inspirations to those who are a first goer to a club and clueless about what to wear. The most important things are comfort and safety. Why? Because obviously in a club, chances are, you’re going to dance on the dance floor where it’s quite crowded. You don’t want to end up looking dull because you wear sweatshirts or jackets that make you sweaty. So, comfort is a must! Another check is safety. In a club, people come with a lot of motives. 

You don’t want to attract the wrong people there. So, here we help women or guys who want to dress right but are looking chic. At Jakarta, some clubs have rules about what kind of attires are allowed. Those rules are made to avoid any underdressed or overdressed. There are 3 types of attires that you can wear, which are: casual, elegant, and, upscale. Some clubs like Skye and Dragonfly ask their guest to wear something formal and upscale. Then there are Blowfish and Equinox where the dress code is semi formal-chic. For casual, it is acceptable to some bars such as Colosseum. Dress codes are there to have a standard about who may come to the club. When you dress well, it shows that you’re respecting the place, the events, and yourself. 


Try to combine jeans or ripped jeans with nice tops. Black or white can never go wrong. Sleeveless white for a woman. Guys can wear white shirts or a T-shirt. Anything can do. Put on your heels or flat shoes. Remember the code, safety and comfort come first. Sneakers may be the best choice for a man. Some clubs do not allow any short pants or T-shirts for women, so you better find a good combination to look decent without looking like you’re trying so hard. You can also wear strappy stilettos or classic pumps to make you look decent. For men, wearing a hat or beanie in a club is optional. If you feel comfortable wearing it, dot it! But sometimes, it can be tricky. So stick to the rules and put your comfortness as your main priority. Denim shirt, linen shirt, or any shirt that doesn’t make you sweaty since the club is quite crowded and you will move and dance a lot. Simple tees are already casual enough and combine it with leather boots or trousers.

Casual Woman

Casual Woman

Casual Man

Casual Man

Formal to Elegant

Put on your little black dress (LBD) or any dress can do. Never wear anything too revealing. Sexy elegant without looking slutty. Combine white high heels and sling bags. Some choice of dress can be a dress with Sabrina style on the shoulders. For mens, you can wear a shirt with jeans, pants, or chinos. Add some outer like cardigan if you like to be more stylish. For this elegant look, don’t wear any colors that are too bright. Black, white, blue, or dark green can do. Roll them up at the hem or leave them uncuffed. Try to steal office look by wearing a button-up shirt and combine with the bralette underneath to make you look amazing. The main concept of looking classy and elegant is to look good without so much effort. You can get this look by wearing all black or wearing one color for all in your outfit. For man, adding a leather jacket, studded jacket with versatile colors like black or white will make your appearance much more dazzling and mature.

Elegant woman

Elegant Woman

Elegant man

Elegant Man


You can try to combine cardigans with skirts plus nice flats or heels. It’s better to have some heels since it is acceptable in any clubs. For guys, wear a bomber jacket and blazer to keep you warm and stylish. Add some accessories like a belt for a man, watch, or bracelet and necklaces for the woman. Some clubs do not allow any ripped jeans so better to obey the rules rather than going home for nothing. Bodycon skirts or cute jumpsuit with heels will also make you look stunning and glam. Wear boots and accessories to glam up your look. Necklaces or earrings and bracelets. For women, the clutch is also easy since you can carry your wallet and mobile phone practically. For both woman or man, adding some cardigan will add some values to your look. If you just happen to chill around the table, and not having the intention to dance around the dance floor cardigan is a good thing to make you look good.

Man look

Man Look

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Woman Look

Woman Look

In conclusion, here are some extra tips to remember for dressing in a club:

These tips can make you can look sexy without looking slutty so you can dance frantically without worrying about your self-esteem! 

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