12 Types of The Most Beautiful White Flowers to Decorate Your Home

Of the many benefits that can be used from flowers, one of which is to beautify your room or garden; especially of white flowers. Especially during a pandemic like this, a situation where we can’t leave the house requires us to always stay at home.

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1. Jasmine

jasmine white flower
Source: Unsplash

The first white flower that was famous for its beauty was jasmine. It looks simple, but this white jasmine will make your garden bright.

Apart from that, jasmine flowers also have a long life span. Plus, the fragrance of this jasmine flower can spread and make your garden feel cooler.

How to care for jasmine flowers is also fairly easy, namely by placing it in a place that is exposed to the sun, pruning it regularly, and don’t forget to apply fertilizer.

2. Petunia

petunia white flower
Source: Unsplash

Next there are white petunias. Petunia flowers are included in one type of ornamental plant that is often displayed or used to decorate home gardens and in general, these petunia flowers are placed in pots because the stems are rather soft and cannot stand upright.

Besides the beautiful flowers, it’s also quite easy to care for. You just need to water the right amount of time. Try to water the flowers before they dry out and avoid hitting the petunia leaves when you water them.

3. Aster

Source: Unsplash

The next beautiful flower are aster. Originating from China, this flower is at first glance similar to sunflowers. For the shape. The petals are like a circle arrangement and the asters are about a year old. So, this flower will last a long time to put in your home garden.

The way to care for these asters is to water them on time, but also don’t water too much or too little. Not only that, you also have to avoid asters from pests and frequently trim the wilted leaves. Pretty easy, right?

4. Carnations

Having the meaning of loyalty, white carnations look very beautiful and elegant when you put them in a pot and in the middle of your beautiful garden.

Carnations can also live for over a year, so they are durable enough to decorate your garden.

How to care for carnations also you just have to water them very regularly every day.

5. Orange Jasmine

White yellow jasmine is very beautiful flowers to beautify your home garden. Has a distinctive and very sharp fragrance, yellow jasmine will smell sharper the more it gets darker.

It’s so beautiful, yellow is also often used to decorate weddings.

6. Moth Orchid

moth orchid white flower
Source: Unsplash

Coming from Indonesia, the white flower that is no less beautiful than the others is the moon orchid. The scent of these orchids is also one of the best selling factors for orchids among planters.

As a way of caring for them, put the moon orchids in a slightly cool garden because moon orchids grow faster in cool places.

Caring for orchids is also very easy, only requires fertilizing and watering 2 times a day.

7. Hibiscus Flower

hibiscus white flower
Source: Unsplash

The next beautiful and elegant white flower is the hibiscus flower. This flower has 5 thin petals that can last a long time. Therefore, hibiscus flowers are an option for those who want to beautify their gardens.

It is not difficult, the way to care for it is only by watering it on time and regularly, then protect this hibiscus flower from pests and regularly prune leaves that have wilted.

8. Roses

white roses
Source: Unsplash

Roses are very popular everywhere. Can be used as souvenirs to decorate a home garden. This white rose is perfect for beautifying your home garden because it looks alive and also has a distinctive fragrance.

Caring for roses is also fairly easy because the key is to regularly water them twice a day, morning and evening.

9. Bougainvillea or paper flowers

Originating from South America, this flower is a popular choice among growers. Although bougainvillea is small and difficult to grow upright, this flower is still a prima donna which can be found in gardens and other people’s homes.

To care for it, water it regularly at the beginning of planting. However, don’t water too much when the flower buds are visible as it will be difficult for the flowers to bloom.

Not only that, paper flowers also require 70% sunlight during their growth.

Very simple, right?


Source: Unsplash

The next white flower that never fails to captivate the eyes of others is Dahlia. Originating from Mexico, the dahlia flower can bloom anywhere, including tropical climates such as Indonesia. Very suitable for display on your page, right? You can put it in a pot or polybag and the dahlias will bloom beautifully in your yard.

How to care for it, you only need to water the dahlias 1-2 times a day and fertilize them every 10 days with urea.

Can you imagine how beautiful your garden would be with dahlia flowers?

11. White Egyptian

This white egyptian flower has green hairy leaves. In addition, you can also plant and cultivate white egyptian flowers in pots and place them at the right angle of your home page.

White egyptian flowers are often the choice to decorate the garden because the stage can flower all the time regardless of the season.

To care for white egyptian flowers, you only have to water them regularly and prune them regularly. Very easy, huh.

12. Geranium

Source: Unsplash

White geraniums can be your alternative too. Geraniums are perfect for making flowers in your home garden because they do well in areas with full sun and dry soil.

How to care for it is also just put it in a location exposed to the sun, water it regularly, and cut flowers that have faded colors. Those are some recommendations for the most beautiful and elegant white flowers to add decoration to your home garden. Don’t forget to put it in the right angle so that your garden looks beautiful and also beautiful. Of all these white flowers, does one captivate your heart?

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