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Places of Worship in Depok

The practice of religion is quite a big cultural thing anywhere in Indonesia. As an area with so many diverse residents and people living there, Depok is no exception. Whether you’re passing by Depok or are planning to live there, there’s a certainty that you can find the facility for you to do the practice according to your religion.

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If having a place of worship near the place you’re staying is a concern for you, we’re here to show you that you can tick that one off your list.

1. Masjid Baitul Kamal, Margonda Raya

Source: Google Maps

The religion of Islam has the most followers in Indonesia, with about 87% of Indonesia’s residents being Muslims. This makes places of worship in Depok easily found for Muslims. Every popular destination is usually made sure to be equipped with a prayer room for anyone who wishes to do their salat in prayer times. Prayer rooms are usually also available in public schools and universities.

However, bigger mosques can also be found around the area to be used during Friday prayers or a religious celebration, such as Masjid Baitul Kamal. Built-in 1999, this beautiful mosque can be found near Balai Kota Depok and is often used as a tourist destination as well. 

Jalan Margonda Raya is a popular center for locals to socialize, with many shopping malls, restaurants, and coffee shops lining in the streets. That makes Masjid Baitul Kamal very conveniently placed making it strategic to be reached by public transportation. So, you can choose to come to do your prayers in this mosque.

2. GBI Kamboja, Pancoran Mas

Source: Google Maps

There are many types of churches for Christian beliefs in Jabodetabek. Usually, some churches make adjustments to the languages that they use in service according to different cultures in Indonesia, such as Javanese, Bataknese, and so on.

Gereja Bethel Indonesia (GBI) manages to find a good middle where there is no particular culture to be dominant, making the church as inclusive as possible. The services on Sundays use Indonesian as their language. So, there is no need to familiarize yourself with a new dialect. GBI Kamboja is also one of the biggest churches in the Depok area, with services meant for adults, young adults, and even children. The church can be found in the area of Pancoran Mas, an area still close to Margonda.

There are several services held for each Sunday, so you can pick the best service that suits your schedule. If you’re looking for a church that has a tight-knit community, GBI Kamboja ensures that they tend to your needs by holding different activities that emphasize the feel of family, teamwork, and community.

3. Paroki Santo Paulus, Pancoran Mas

Paroki Santo Paulus

Paroki Santo Paulus is a beautiful church that you can find in the Pancoran Mas area. This place of worship was built in 1927, and the beautiful architecture and sense of serenity can still be felt here. With the masses that they hold every Sunday, this church aims to build a community based on faith.

The church also offers guidance for the services for Catholics who are searching to deepen and work their faiths and knowledge towards the Catholic church and community, such as baptisms, communions, mass, weddings, and several other forms of worship and devotion. This church wants to make sure that everyone who goes to this church can grow in their faith as an individual and as a community, providing help and guidance for anyone who seeks it.

4. Vihara Gayatri, Tapos

Vihara Gayatri/Radar Depok

Vihara Gayatri that you can find in Depok is one of the most favored Viharas in Jabodetabek. During Imlek or the celebration of Chinese New Year’s, many people gather in this Vihara to pray to their Gods and ancestors as a part of their tradition and culture. 

There are 7 wells that are installed in this vihara. So, people can bathe themselves with the water within the well as part of the ritual. Each well has a different representation of blessings. There are Sri Kunaratih Kumadjaya (soulmate), Sri Rezeki (wealth), Dewi Sri Mulyasari (cure to health problems), Sri Pontjo Warno (preventing bad luck), Sri Ningsih (light and guidance), Sri Waras (health and wellness), and Sri Lungguh (prosperity and position). Due to the culture that this vihara also provides, many people also come to see this vihara as a tourist destination.

5. Pura Tribhuana Agung, Sukmajaya

Source: Google Maps

Pura Tribhuana Agung is a beautiful temple found in the Sukmajaya area, where people of Hindu faith come and do their practice of religion. As the center of Hinduism in Indonesia comes from Bali, you will feel the presence and influence of Balinese culture in its architecture.

This temple was built in 1994 with the Center Linggih ceremony to say grace and gratefulness of this building. Tribhuana Agung means three paths to attain Moksa: the Dharma (truth, the breath of life), the approach to the Widji Wasa, (spiritual training), and purity or peak of Moksa, where man successfully merges with Sang Hyang Widhi (God).

There are many rituals of the Hindu religion held in this temple according to each day of a celebration, including the most-known Nyepi. Each year, many people of the Hindu faith gather to join praise here.

6. Kong Miao Genta Kebajikan, Pancoran Mas

Source: Google Maps

Kong Miao Genta Kebajikan, also found in the area of Pancoran Mas was inaugurated by the mayor of Depok during the Cap Go Meh celebration on Sunday, February 5, 2012. This house was meant to accommodate residents of Confucian belief to do their practice of religion in Depok.

As a relatively new building in Depok, there is no doubt that the foundation of this temple is built to impeccable quality. The building stands on 447 square meters of land that consists of two floors, with more than 150 active members to maintain the religious practices held in Depok.

The many places of worship in Depok will ensure that whatever your religious belief, you can find a community and place to welcome you. If having a place of worship is something that is important to you, we can assure you that your concerns always have an answer living in the wonderful city of Depok.

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