15 Must-try Bali Snacks: Unique and Guaranteed Delicious!

15 Must-try Bali Snacks: Unique and Guaranteed Delicious!

A holiday in Bali would be even more complete if you have something that accompanies you. For example, snacks! Easy to carry but still able to fill your stomach, you definitely should not miss trying traditional and local snacks while in Bali. With a wide range of Bali snack options, we have gathered 20 must-try Bali snacks for you. And yes, some of them can bring back home too!

1. Pie Susu (Milk Pie)

pie susu Bali snack
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First on our list is Pie Susu or milk pie. This one is the most legendary and popular snack in Bali. A round-shape pie filled with melted milk fla in the middle of it, you will get the sweetness right on your first bite. Even though their form is simple and small, the taste is superb!

Pie Susu has become an iconic delicacy to carry home from Bali, it is like your trip to Bali won’t complete without purchasing some of it. As a popular snack, you can easily find pie susu at almost every souvenir market all around Bali.

2. Kacang Matahari

kacang matahari khas Bali snack

Kacang Matahari is basically a peanut, and Matahari is the brand name of it. This fried peanuts has a spicy and a bit unique taste, no wonder this one has become a favourite choice among local and tourists, and usually served as snack for snacking while having a pleasant trip. They offer a tangy bite to each nut, which will bring you a taste you won’t forget.

3. Keripik Ceker Ayam (Chicken Feet Crackers)

chicken feet crackers bali snack

Yes, you read it right. This one is a cracker made of chicken feet. Having a savory flavour, chicken feet crackers is one of the most favourite snacks among locals. It might be new for you, but the taste is not too bad as far as the local delicacies go. So, if you are able to eat chicken feet, or curious enough to try, head out to your nearest souvenir market to get one.

4. Sarang Walet (Edible Swift Birds’ Nests)

Edible swift birds' nests bali snack

The edible nest swiftlet is made of the solidified saliva of the swift bird, so this one is basically one of the most expensive edible souvenirs. Usually sold as dried goods in packets, so you can purchase this for souvenirs. It is said that this one has numerous health benefits such as protecting the immunity, maintaining youthful skin, and speed-up recovery. Interesting!

5. Kacang Disko (Disco Peanuts)

kacang disko bali
Kacang Disko

Kacang Disko is a flour bean, but using a thicker flour composition. If you are a big fan of savory and spicy taste, then kacang disko is definitely a must-try Bali snack for you. Nowadays, they also have some improvements by making a creation of various flavours of kacang disko, such as cheese, BBQ, and shrimp flavours.

6. Kacang Asin (Salted Peanuts)

kacang asin bali
Kacang Asin

Salted peanuts are often served as a ‘keeper snack’ at several restaurants in Bali. This peanut is coming in original forms, but has a crispy texture and savory also salty taste. You can enjoy salted peanuts for snacking while watching movies, hanging out, or whenever you are enjoying your own time.

7. Kerupuk Kulit Babi Samcan (Pig Skin Crackers)

kerupuk kulit babi samcan

Similar to chicken feet crackers, this one is also a unique cracker from Bali made of pig skin. Usually called Samchan, this snack is having a crispy texture with a savory and salty taste. Their delicious taste will probably make it hard to stop snacking.

8. Dodol Buleleng Bali

dodol buleleng bali
Dodol Buleleng Bali

The main ingredient used to make dodol is coconut milk, so if you happen to try dodol buleleng while in Bali, you will get to taste a legit flavour. The unique side of dodol buleleng Bali is because it is wrapped up with corn leaves in a long shape, and has a nice aroma.

9. Brem


Another option of Bali snack that is suitable to carry back home is called brem. Made of fermented essence of sticky rice, this unique snack will melted right after it touches your tongue. In Bali, you can find brem with a wide range of flavours options such as strawberry, grape, orange, chocolate, and more.

10. Pia Kukus Made (Steamed Pia Made)

pia kukus made bali

This pia is different from other pia in Bali because this one is steamed. With a bigger size and soft texture, it has two variants of the pia which is chocolate and vanilla, as for the fillings it is available in chocolate, green beans, and cheese flavors. If you want to purchase this Pia Kukus Made to bring them home, you can find their store in the Denpasar area.

11. Laklak

Source: palm-living.com

Laklak is a traditional snack from Bali and made of rice flour which is added by Suji leaves to bring a beautiful green colour. Featuring grated coconut and liquid brown sugar as toppings, Laklak is often served as a snack for breakfast, you can find Laklak at traditional markets in Bali.

12. Batun Bedil

batun bedil

Batun Bedil is made of rice flour and has a unique form because it is shaped to resemble a bullet shape. The batter will first be boiled in hot water, then served completely by dressing made of coconut milk, brown sugar, and pandan leaves so it has a sweet taste and nice aroma. You can find Batu Bedil at a traditional market in Bali.

13. Sumping


Another creation of rice flour in Bali is called Sumping. This traditional snack is usually filled with various filling such as coconut, banana, peanut, and more. Wrapped in banana leaves, this snack has a strong and nice aroma, while the texture is chewy. Trying sumping will let you get a sweet and savory taste at the same time.

14. Pisang Rai

pisang rai
Source: cookpad.com

Pisang Rai is a traditional snack from Bali. This is a creation of a banana which is wrapped by flour dough and then cooked by steam. Served in a warm right after its cooked, pisang rai usually completed by grated coconut or brown sugar sauce. Simply visit the traditional market in Bali whenever you are craving for pisang rai!

15. Kaliadrem

Source: kulkulbali.co

Lastly, we have a legendary and traditional snack from Bali called Kaliadrem. This one is usually used for Galungan ceremony, but also can be found at Bali traditional market. Made of rice flour mixed with brown sugar, coconut, and several other ingredients, Kaliadrem has a smooth and soft texture. 

So, those are our picks of the top 15 Bali snacks that you must try for an authentic Bali taste! You can get them in Bali souvenir snack shops or Bali food stalls. You can also find out more about Balinese local food or street food in our blog! See you in Bali, Flokqers!

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