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Air Freshener: Types and DIY, Great for Your WFH Productivity!

Air freshener has been known as a tool capable of disguising or eliminating unpleasant odors in a room. But did you know that air freshener can also help you increase your productivity for Work from Home or WFH?

Although it has become a new adaptation for workers who carry out activities working from home. In fact, the situation and conditions during WFH are certainly different from when working in an office. Because it has been too long, some of you may already feel bored and experience decreased productivity. This is the time for you to upgrade your ‘work corner’ to create a new atmosphere and increase your enthusiasm for work. One of the things you can do to give a new touch is to add an air freshener.

Benefits of Air Freshener

Air freshener has various other benefits so it deserves to be one of the mandatory items in your work corner. This can be useful for increasing your productivity in carrying out daily WFH activities, including improving mood and increasing your concentration. Secondly, it can help you to relieve stress due to work and get excited about completing your work.

Types of Air Freshener

There are various choices of air fresheners. You can choose the most suitable to be placed in the room where you work from home to increase your productivity and enthusiasm for work. Here are some types and their advantages:

Air Freshener Diffuser


The first type is an air freshener diffuser. The way the diffuser works is to change the essential oil liquid into small granules to be blended throughout the room. Using a diffuser is quite easy, dip the reeds (stick) into a container filled with essential aromatic oils, and let the tool work until it produces a soothing aroma. The diffuser can be used for up to 4 hours, perfect to accompany you to work during work from home.

Apart from being a fragrance that can improve mood, it can also increase concentration and support your WFH productivity. More to that, diffusers also have other benefits, including: improving breathing, preventing disease and helping to fight insomnia. In addition, diffusers are also more environmentally friendly than aromatherapy candles.

Room Spray

Room Spray

Next is the type of spray that has an instant effect. How to use air freshener spray is quite easy, namely by spraying it into the air. It doesn’t take long, the scent of this type of spray will immediately spread throughout the room. To increase your WFH productivity, this fragrance is very easy to use when you start to feel tired and want to immediately smell the relaxing aroma.

Another advantage of this type is that it is suitable for welcoming sudden guests and preparing the bedroom or living room. You need to know, the aroma produced by spray fragrances tends to disappear quickly, so you need to spray it again when the aroma starts to fade.

Electric or Hanging Air Refreshener

Electric or Hanging Air Refreshener

Finally, there is a hanging air freshener. This type usually requires a battery. Its use is quite easy, just insert the battery in the air freshener shell, then stick it on the wall, and the scent will be automatically released by the tool. Due to its automatic nature and continuously spraying aroma, this type is very suitable to be placed in the room, and you just have to enjoy the scent while finishing work.

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DIY Air Freshener with Natural and Simple Materials

Besides those already available on the market, you can also try making your own air freshener with simple and easy-to-get materials. By making it yourself, the sensation you feel from the aroma can definitely make you even more excited, and further increase your productivity while working from home. Here are some simple ingredients and the easy way!

Basil Leaves


You must be very familiar with basil leaves. You can also use fresh vegetables. The method is really easy. Check out the following explanation, yes!

1. Bring ½ cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan, add the dry basil and let stand for a few minutes.

2. Put the water and basil mixture in a spray bottle. Use funnels and filters to make the process easier.

3. Add boiled water, alcohol and essential oil. Shake well, then spray!

Baking Soda


Baking soda is known as an ingredient in making cakes, but it turns out that it also has other benefits, which is useful for making air freshener. Besides that, making it with baking soda is also really easy. You just need to pour baking soda into a glass bowl or glass jar, add a few drops of essential oil to your taste, then cover the container using a cloth or a perforated jar lid. After that, you can immediately enjoy the soothing scent of the room.

Pandan Leaves

Pandan Leaves

Pandan leaves are well known for their fragrance and are commonly used to add a delicious aroma to a dish. In fact, pandan leaves are also one of the simpler ingredients that you can use to make air freshener. Making it using pandan leaves is also very easy. You just need to do the following steps: put the pandan leaf slices into an open container. You can use a bowl or a hollow bag. Then place the container containing the pandan leaves on the cupboard, shelf, or corner of the room. With just such simple steps, you can get the soothing fragrance of pandan leaves, and can last up to one week.

Orange Peels

Orange Peels

Orange peels are not just food waste, but you can use them as fragrances. You can make it using orange peel in a few easy steps. First, cut the orange in half with a knife. Keep in mind you have to be careful so that you don’t damage the orange peel. Then, take the orange by hand or a spoon. Make sure the white coating on the orange peel does not come off. Pour enough oil can be olive oil or vegetable oil. Finally, you just have to burn it with a match or lighter.

That’s the discussion about air fresheners that have many benefits for humans, so they can help to increase your productivity during WFH. As well as an easy way to make your own air freshener. Good luck!

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