12 Ways To Use Artificial Grass As Part Of Your Home Decoration

Does your house feel stuffy? Do you want to make your house feel natural but don’t want it to be complicated? This time we will discuss artificial grass. Well, besides discussing design ideas, we will also discuss the advantages, types, and prices of artificial grass. Come and check out these 12 ways to use artifial for your home decoration!

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Ways to use grass carpet to decorate your home

artificial grass used in living room
source: esport

1. As a carpet in your living room

If you want artifcial grass to add value to your interior design, then try using it in your living room. It’s easy to install and provides comfort for you and your guests.

2. As a way to decorate your wall

You can also use a grass carpet as a decoration for your wall. With a grass carpet attached to your wall, your room will feel cooler and more natural-looking. You can also hang other things onto your artificial grass to add the aesthetic to your home.

artificial grass to decorate your backyard

3. For your backyard or back patio

Maybe you always thought that your backyard or back patio should be overgrown with natural grass and plants. However, it’s a good idea to try artificial grass as a substitute to make room for natural grass to grow. In addition to providing the same cool effect that actual grass gives, they are safer and cleaner than actual grass because it does not attract insects.

artificial grass used in children's play area

4. For your children’s play area

Installing artificial grass in your children’s play area is highly recommended. Apart from the coolness and natural nuances that the artificial grass brings, it also protects the child when they fall as a result of tripping or slipping. You can ensure the safety of your child by installing a grass carpet in your child’s play area.

artificial grass for children's bedroom
source: fake grass

5. For your kids’ bedroom

Similar to the idea of installing artificial grass in children’s playgrounds, installing grass rugs in children’s bedrooms can also protect children from tripping or getting sucked on the floor.

artificial grass used in balcony
source: pinterest

6. Use it to cover your balcony floor

Imagine this. When you want to breathe fresh air on your balcony, you feel surprised by the cold sensation on the soles of your feet. You realize that the cold floor is disturbing you in feeling the sensation of the morning air from your balcony. By installing artificial grass, you can feel the softness of the grass while enjoying the morning air. And if you like doing yoga on your balcony, the artificial grass will give you coolness while you do the activity!

7. Use it in your terrace

The idea is more or less the same as installing artificial grass in your backyard or back patio. Do you want a garden that looks cozy but easy to care for and safe for children to play? This is the answer to increase the aesthetic value of your terrace!

8. To decorate your bathroom

This idea tends to be creative and suitable for those of you who like green and nature. Want to feel the sensation of nature while cleaning yourself? Install an artificial grass in your bathroom and enjoy the nature aesthetic!

artificial grass to decorate your bedroom
source: megagrass

9. Use it in your bedroom

An artificial grass always gives your home that touch of nature. Maybe before bed you want to exercise or give a little reflection to your feet. An artificial grass can give you that sensation!

artificial grass used as a room separator
source: livspace

10. To separate a room

Have a room in your house that’s minimalist and tiny? Feeling that you don’t have enough room to do activities? Try separating the room with artificial grass. With this, you can make your room feel wider than it should be.

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11. To decorate your kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of all homes. You can decorate your kitchen using artificial grass to give it a little touch of nature. Pamper your feet with artificial grass while chatting with the family over dinner together!

using artificial grass to decorate a workspace
Source: findingheadspace

12. To decorate your workspace

Everyone needs their own space to create and work. So, your workspace or workshop should be a place where you can spend time alone while focusing on the work in front of you. Be it a job from your boss or a new hobby that you want to try. Artificial grass is the ideal enhancer for a homey feel, leaving you comfortable in the headspace for your creativity stream to take off!

It turns out that there are many ways to use grass carpets for home decoration. Now, before buying one to decorate your home, let’s look at the types and prices of grass carpets!

Types of artificial grass material

There are three types of artificial grass materials that you should know. These three materials have their own characteristics and uniqueness. But don’t worry, these materials are often used to make artificial grass used for home decoration.


First, there is an artificial grass made of nylon. This type of material is very resistant to weather changes. However, this grass is stiff and unsuitable for a playground. Because of their durability, nylon rugs should be used to keep your garden looking nice and beautiful. If your area changes weather a lot, then this artificial grass is perfect for you.


Polyethylene is the material with the best deals. It is quite durable like nylon, but has the added value of being resistant to bad odors due to food spills and others.


This material is more economical than other material. However, this type of material is at least resistant to things like the weather or even as a children’s play area. It is best suited for use in most of the design mentioned above. If you choose this grass, then make sure that it is not used as a children’s play area and a pet play area.

Polyvinyl Chloride

Polyvinyl chloride or PVC is also often used as a material for artificial grass on the market. PVC is cheaper than others, but it is less heat resistant and can release toxic gases when it burns. It’s best to ask the salesperson first about what initiatives can be taken to prevent this.

Types of artificial grass

Now that we know about the materials to make artificial grass for home decoration, let’s look at the types!

swiss type artificial grass
source: tokopedia

Swiss type

This type is often used on football courts. It is also very resistant to being stepped on and used to play repeatedly.

japanese type artificial grass
source: pusat rumput

Japanese type

Japanese type is suitable for decoration. Its uniqueness is it is exactly the same as native Japanese grass.

golf type artificial grass

Golf Type

Just like its name, this type is often used on the golf lawn. This type of synthetic grass has a smooth texture to the touch and has a nice feel to it.

Artificial grass prices

Listed below are the types and prices of artificial grass that you can buy through your flagship online shop. Some of the sales below are currently on a promo. Please check the price for your home decoration!

artificial grass 100 x 100CMRp. 89.500 ( 100 cm x 100   cm)
swiss artificial grass 25 cm x 25 cm
Rp. 15.000 ( 25 cm x 25 cm)
thick artificial grass 50 cm x 50 cmRp. 45.000 (50 cm x 50 cm) 
Synthetic swiss artificial grass [1 x 1 m]Rp. 250.000 (1 m x 1 m)
Synthetic grass SIZE: 50X50CM
Thickness 10mm / 25MM / 35MM
Rp. 32.000 – Rp. 48.000 (50 cm x 50 cm)

So those are 12 ways to use artificial grass for your home along with the types of materials, types and prices. Hopefully this is useful for you readers when you want to buy or are looking for ideas to use it.

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