7 Best Laptop Services in Bali To Get You Typing Again

If you’re working in Bali, knowing a lapotop service place is very important. Fortunately, Bali has more than a few options for you to check out. Regardless of what kind of laptop you have, there is a shop or a repairman ready to diagnose and repair. Want to know where they are? Here are 7 best laptop services in Bali to get you typing again.

We divided it into two, one for normal laptops and another for MacBook/Apple laptops. Hope this info can be of great use! All of them have a variety of repair rates and prices depending on what kind of laptop you have and how severe is the damage, so be sure to check their rates by contacting them before making any appointments. 

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Laptop Services in Bali

laptop service place for laptops other than apple
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1. Bali Advance Solution  

Bali advance solutions can help you find a solution to your computer or gadget needs. They are first and foremost a store selling computer hardware, but they are also open to servicing them. They can do services such as recovering lost data from external hard drives, fixing laptop screens and fixing laptop Wi-Fi adaptors among others. They are also very polite and friendly in helping customers, so overall it’s a very good place to fix your laptop’s hardware issues. 

Bali Advance solution is located at Uluwatu Main Road in the Jimbaran area. They are usually open from 9 AM – 8 PM every day except on Sundays. Call +62 813-3882-9625 or visit baliadvances.com for a list of their services and products. They also have contact options such as telegram, WhatsApp, and Facebook for your convenience.

2. Nyama Bali SOHO 

If you live near or around Ngurah Rai International Airport, you could try getting your broken laptop fixed with Mr. Alex at Nyama Bali SOHO. He is very knowledgeable and speaks perfect english. So, you won’t need to worry about a possible miscommunication. He is also very knowledgeable about laptops, computers, and gadgets in general. 

Nyama Bali SOHO is located at Waringin road in the Tuban area. They are usually open from 9 AM – 8 PM every day. Appointments have to be made online through the number +62 818-548-095 or by emailing info@nyamabali.com

3. Eway Computer 

Another computer repair store located very near to the airport, Eway computer can also be the way for you to go when it comes to quick-fixes before heading out or a quick-fix service right after you landed. They can also fix other hardwares, such as printers and CCTVs. The best part about them though is that they offer an at-home service, so you won’t need the hassle to go all the way to their place near Ngurah Rai for a fix. 

Eway Computer is located at Polonia Road I near Ngurah Rai Airport. They are usually open from 10 AM – 6 PM every day except Sunday. Call +62 818-0565-3355 for more information. 

MacBook/Apple Service in Bali  

laptop services for apple laptops
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After looking at some places where you can get your general laptop fixed, let’s look at places where they have good repair service to your apple products. These macbook/apple service stores in Bali are definitely worth inquiring. They also offer services to repair products other than Mac or Apple, so be sure to ask them as well if your laptop can be fixed in their place. 

4. Mac Dewata 

To see what’s in store when it comes to fixing your apple gadgets, we are heading to Ubud and Sanur. Mac Repair offers you a standard macbook and Iphone service with a satisfactory result. Fixable issues including both hardware and software problems. They also offer services for Iphones, Ipads, and even windows products. so it’s perfect to get all your Apple products checked out here. 

Mac Dewata has two locations. One is located at Sandat Road No.1 in Ubud and the other is located at Danau Toba Road, Sanur. They are usually open from 10 AM – 5 PM Every day except for Sundays. Call +62 812-3899-1808 for the Ubud Branch or +62 819-9937-3828 for the Sanur Branch. 

5. Mactri Ubud  

This one might look like a curveball, but they’re actually not half bad! To visit Mactri, you will need to find the restaurant ‘Kedai Bibi’ as the store is located within the restaurant. They offer in particular repairs, upgrades, and data recovery for macbook users. Their technicians boast 25 years of experience and have followed training and certification programs by apple. They also give their word to help you if your Mac happens to be acting up again, so no worries. 

Mactri Ubud is located at Kedai Bibi in Ubud. They are usually open from 10 AM – 6 PM. Call +62 85337447203 or visit mactribali.com for more information. 

6. Yoda Service @ Canggu 

Like the master Jedi, Yoda Service technicians are shrewd wizards capable of fixing many issues your Macbook or Apple products are experiencing. Hardware or software, Apple or otherwise, They will resuscitate and bring your laptop back to you. This is probably one of the best in the island based on reviews, so if you want to get a good fix but unsure where to go, try Yoda Service!

Yoda Service is located at Pertokoan Semer Jaya in Kerobokan Main Road. They are usually open from 10 AM – 6 PM every day. Call +62 821 4558 8885 or visit their social media pages to know more. 

7. Hi-Comp @ Denpasar City 

Last but certainly not least, we have Hi-Comp. If you want a professional Apple or Macbook Service in Bali with certified skill and guaranteed satisfactory results, you should give Hi-Comp a call. The owner of this place, Pak Hasnan, is very adept and experienced in handling all sorts of problems surrounding Apple products. Boasting 11 years of handling Macbooks and other Apple products, this is your definite go-to for getting that Apple quick-fix. The owner is very service-oriented, so you won’t need to worry about getting ripped!

Yoda Service is located at Jl. Tangkuban Perahu Perum. Padang Asri Blok VIII, Padangsambian, Kec. Denpasar Bar., Kota Denpasar, Bali 80117. They are usually open from 7 AM – 8 PM every day. Call 0816-4704-110 to know more. 

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We’ve given you a shortlist of 7 laptop service stores in Bali for a quick fix. Prices may depend on what kind of laptop you have and how severe the damage is. There are actually a lot more, but some of them are more questionable, so we filtered it out as best as we could. We hope you find our list useful to fix your laptop or to compare and contrast with the stores you found. Thanks for reading! 

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