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Adulting Challenges When Moving Out From Home for The First Time

Most people after graduating from uni for the first time aim to live independently. Living far away from your parent on your own can be quite challenging. There are lots of considerations, hurdles, hustles and you have to be prepared both mentally and financially. The pros of living independently are, you got to start choosing your own life. Feel free if you want to work hard even stay at the office to chase your ambitions and dreams without having your parent who will disturb and questioning you. You may decorate your living for the first time. Buying furniture and be creative as you can in terms of decorating your place. Another pro of living on your own is there are no strict rules about who must clean the garden on weekends, night time, etc. It makes you more focused on yourselves. Most people call it adulting. Moving out of your house can also be a preparation ground for your married life. Since you are getting used to handling problems, money issues, etc it will make you a better soon-to-be wife or husband.

But we do agree that in every privilege also comes great responsibility. You have to be wise about your spending. Especially if your parents do not help you any more with extra cash. You have to learn how to save, spend, and find a job that will sustain yours for the upcoming years. It also comes with you have to take care of yourself. If you are sick learn to brace yourself and be aware of your body. Another responsibility in terms of paying taxes, maintenance fees, shopping expenses, daily grocery thingy, weekend nights with friends, etc. Here we listed some of the challenges that may occur once you start to move out of your house for the first time:

1. Asking for Permissions

Asking for Permissions

Not all parent permit their children from living outside your house. Especially for Asian parents. And not to be sexist if you are a woman having permission and trust from your parents to let you live on your own can be quite tough. Women are more to rape, criminals, etc. The key is communication. Before you move you also have to prove to them that you are worthy of trust and you have goals. Show them that you are willing to grow into a more mature and self-reliant individual. The reason maybe you also want to find someplace that near your workplace and you want to train yourself. Some reasons maybe you are having family issues so it is better to set some boundaries for the sake of your mental health wellbeing. Whatever it is, communicates, and pray. 

2. Financial Responsibility

Financial Responsibility

Once you start to move out from your home you have to be prepared for all the financial burdens that come out. No more mindless or impulsive buying. You have to learn how much to save and spend from your income. Choosing extra jobs to help you accommodate your daily living can be helpful. This case won’t be accurate if you are still getting help from your parents regarding finances. You have to pay for your daily groceries, foods, utilities, rent fees, taxes, shopping, etc. Once you successfully tackle this issue, you will become more mature and learn self-control. Adulting sucks but this way you learn and grow so much.

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3. Brace Yourself

You will learn to adapt and get into real life. Most adults are getting used to deal with real-world problems. From money issues, heartbreaks, office politics, broken stuff, changing furniture, conflicts with fellow friends, etc. When you are at home you will gain more comforts and supports from your siblings or parents. The pain or the issue will not feel to be that heavy anymore since you know they got your back. It’s different if you live outside your home. 

Loneliness is your friend. Your family can offer you moral and financial support once you get into feud or troubles. One way to solve this issue or reduce loneliness can be by having a roommate or housemate that can be your best friend or new family. You can get this type of thing by choosing a co-living type. 

4. Daily Responsibility

Financial Responsibility

When you are living under your parents’ rooftop you will come home with food under the table, sleep with the warmest blankets, and surrounded by your parents. Outside the house, you have to cook your food, tidy up your rooms, changing bed sheets, washing dishes, extra care for your apartment or house, etc. All the responsibility is yours. It trains you to be more responsible and have better time management. You will get used to being more organized since all the mess up that you make is yours to fix.

5. Place to Live

Place to Live

Once you choose to live independently you may consider where to stay? Is it an apartment, kost, or house? All those things having their pros and cons. Living in an apartment can be quite helpful but you need extra cash for maintenance fees. In the kost you have to cook your food, and less safety. The same goes for houses, you need quite a big amount of money to rent for the house and another expense may come after that. Finding a housemate or roommate can be helpful in terms of budgets but beware if you two don’t get along well. Another extra work for living outside your home is you have to move your things and it takes time to adapt to the new environment. 

In conclusion, moving out from home is not an easy task but surely it will shape you into a better person if you do it right. If you are a fresh graduate or just in the early of your career, it is always better to stay inside your parents’ home first until you are financially stable. You will have more preparations. In the end, the choice is yours, so good luck!

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