8 Easy Tips to Clean Dirt and Germs from Water Dispenser

Sooner or later, almost all of us will learn how to clean the dispenser. Sometimes we think that cleaning the dispenser is easy, but actually there are a number of important things that need to be considered so that the process runs smoothly and successfully. Apart from the different types of dispensers, there are several different ways to clean the dispensers. However, dispenser cleanliness is just as important no matter what type of dispenser you are.

Especially since dispensers are important for everyday life, understanding how to clean a dispenser is of course very necessary. Do regular cleaning to avoid unwanted dirt and residue that might mix with the water you drink.

Here are the things you need to do in order to clean the dispenser optimally. Don’t forget to take enough time to be more thorough and thoroughly clean!

1. Unplug the Power Cord 

The first step in cleaning this dispenser needs to be done so that the next steps are easier to complete. Unplugging also prevents you from shorting or getting electrocuted. For this step, the method of cleaning the dispenser tends to be the same for both types of dispensers.

Before proceeding to the next stage, make sure there is no water residue attached to the important parts. Dry any areas you think need securing.

2. Remove Components to be Cleaned

In this section, cleaning the top gallon dispenser will tend to be easier. This is due to the need to remove the associated gallon to clean the bottom gallon dispenser, and how to clean the bottom gallon dispenser is a little more complicated due to a large number of components.

3. Make a Cleaning Solution

make a cleaning solution clean water dispenser
Prepare a Cleaning Solution

There are various kinds of cleaning solutions to clean the dispenser. For a more natural solution, use lime juice, alternatively, use a lemon dish soap solution. The scent will be suitable for removing unpleasant odors from the dispenser.

There are several options for dispenser cleaning solutions that you can use. The first is with lime juice mixed with boiled water, make sure the composition is 1: 2. Add apple cider vinegar if you want maximum results. The second way to clean the dispenser is to use lemon dish soap or lime dish stolen soap mixed with boiled water. Use the same ratio.

For those whose effects are strong enough, use alcohol. Keep in mind that cleaning the dispenser with alcohol can only be done twice because the effect is quite lasting.

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4. Clean the Vulnerable Parts

The way to clean the top gallon dispenser in this section is to focus on the inside. That’s where the easiest part gets dirty. Clean with a cleaning solution and hot water. Wait for the solution to react in under five minutes, then drain it through the dispenser tap.

To clean the bottom gallon dispenser, focus directly on the body. Immediately, just wipe with the lime mixture. Once clean enough, use hot water to rinse it. Rinse sufficiently with boiled water to remove any unwanted residue. Either chemical or lime. Ideally, four rinses will suffice.

5. Clean the Taps and Valves

Cleaning the dispenser in this section is very important considering that this section is directly in contact with and adjacent to the water we drink. Try to use a lime solution to clean this area, and don’t try to avoid using chemicals. Besides it will be unhealthy if it sticks with our drinking water, it will bring additional work because of the need for extra careful rinsing afterwards.

Try to take the time to remove your dispenser taps and valves for a better inspection of cleanliness. Removing them makes cleaning these components easier and easier to maintain. If you don’t have enough time to remove the taps and valves, wiping them straight away is fine, but use a suitable rag such as a wet tissue specifically for cleaning cutlery.

6. Clean the Vacuum Pipe Section

How to clean this dispenser is specifically for the bottom gallon type. Its structure gives it special components. Open the dispenser body and take a Z-shaped pipe. To remove the Z-shaped pipe from the main pipe, remove the blue ring-shaped lock. Once removed, wash it off with the cleaning solution of your choice and rinse it off with enough hot water when it’s clean enough.

7. Dry All Parts

So that your efforts are not in vain, make sure the parts that have been wiped and cleaned are dry. Remove any liquid residue with a clean, dry cloth. Especially pay attention to the inner parts as they are quite easy to miss.

Carry out a final inspection to make sure the components are dry. Complete this step by fitting the dispenser parts back to normal.

8. Clean the Outside Parts

After cleaning the inside of the dispenser, don’t forget to pay attention to the cleanliness of the outside of your dispenser. Stains and bacteria that may stick to the outside of the dispenser need to be cleaned to make it less likely to spread to other parts. You can use an ordinary clean cloth or synthetic cloth to clean the dispenser effectively. Make sure the cleanliness of the rags you use for maximum results for the cleanliness of your dispensers.

That’s the way to clean the water dispenser that you need to do to get maximum results. The most important key is to make detailed observations of the parts that are being cleaned.

How do you clean your own dispenser? Any personal tips? Share with Flokq in the comments below!

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