Benefits of Getting a Furnished Apartment in Jakarta

There are two types of apartments in terms of the furnishing of the room, the first one is an unfurnished apartment and the second one is a furnished apartment. Just like the name, unfurnished apartment means that when you are getting an apartment, there will be no furniture provided in the apartment. Thus, you are free to fill in the room with any furniture that you like, whether to buy new furniture or bring them from your old home. 

There are two types of furnished apartments which are a fully-furnished apartment and a semi-furnished apartment. For a semi-furnished apartment, you may expect to get an apartment filled with bigger pieces of furniture. While for the fully-furnished one, it will be occupied with the bigger furniture as well as the smaller ones. When you choose to live in a fully-furnished apartment, the place will be provided with some basic furniture such as a bed, a desk, basic kitchen appliances, bathroom necessities, and living room necessities. In other words, if you are getting a furnished apartment, you can move straight to the apartment with your belongings and get settled. Here are other reasons why you should get a furnished apartment!

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1. Fewer Spendings and Save money!

Of course, your wallet will be most benefited by this! Furnitures are pricy and if you’re not planning to stay in an apartment for a long period of time (years), then buying furniture will not be necessary. Furthermore, furniture costs much more when buying them separately or individually. Living in a furnished apartment, the cost would be much cheaper because you’ll be buying the whole package!

A furnished apartment will cost you more than the unfurnished one but you will spend less money compared to buying new furniture or moving your existed furniture from your old home. If you are getting a furnished apartment, you will pay more for the furniture existed in the room, but you don’t need to spend more money to use the moving service from the moving company. While paying approximately the same amount of money as buying the furniture on your own, getting a furnished apartment will cost less cause you don’t need to pay extra cost for the furniture to be delivered to the apartment. Thus, you can use the remaining money to decorate your room or to buy essential things needed to get settled at your new home.

2. Shorter Moving Time

A furnished apartment is the perfect option for you who need to move to a new residence in a rush. Because the basic furnishings that you need in the apartment are already presented, you don’t need to take a long time to move to your new home. You cannot just live in an empty apartment, right? Choosing the furniture that fits the design of the new home, delivering the furniture, and setting up the furniture in the new apartment will surely take a longer time than moving to a furnished apartment. A Shorter moving time will also help you save your energy and time! A longer moving time will surely give more headaches because there are a lot of details that need to be taken care of.

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3. Suitable for a Short-term Lease

If you are moving to a new place for a short time such as less than a year, purchasing new furniture will give you a hassle. Getting new furniture is not just a matter of the functionality of the furniture, but the design and concept of the furniture need to be matched with the concept of the living place, therefore, it will elicit an aesthetically-pleasing ambiance for the place. If you plan to live in a new place only for a short time, we suggest you get a furnished apartment, because the furnishings that you get for your new apartment might not necessarily fit with the concept of your future apartment where you move out to. Aside from the concept of the room, moving lots of furniture will give a burden in terms of time, energy, and costs.

4. Easy Mobility

One of the benefits of getting a furnished apartment is that you can easily move to another place if you are bored with the current living place. Not only because you are bored, if you feel like the facilities and the location of the apartment do not satisfy your needs, you can effortlessly move to another place. It will not give you a hard time to move in and move out of the apartments because you don’t need to bring much stuff. It is not a burden because you don’t need to set anything and just simply bring your daily necessities to the apartment which will serve your time and energy.

5. Decorate your apartment!

Some of you might think that moving in a furnished apartment would limit yourself to getting the interior design that you wanted. Actually, you can still decorate the apartment all you like! You could buy other furnished things to put around the house like a rug or lamp, or you could even buy sofa covers and curtains if you’re bored of its color. You could also hang up some photos or artwork around the walls!

So there you have the advantages of living in a furnished apartment. Of course, every choice has pros and cons but we hope this is enough for you to make your decision! Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts!

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