Guide for moving out for the first time

For those who are used to moving from one place to another, relocating feels light and not too difficult. But for first-timers, it might feel challenging yet intimidating. What things are you supposed to prepare and do for moving? What would make it easier? On the other hand, what should you not do? These questions may come up as your day for moving approaches, but luckily for you, we got you covered. Here are some of the things you should do on your first time moving to a new place. 

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Schedule a visit/tour

What people may forget when they move is that they don’t take into account the time needed to know their new area. Sure, you can know all about it from friends and family or from the internet, but deep down we all know that the best way is to observe and take a look at ourselves. This is to make you understand your immediate surroundings more effectively. Where do you go to get a drive-thru? Where are the good places to get sushi? How do I get around? Should it be by car, public transport, or ride-sharing? These are the questions that are easier to answer if you schedule a stroll-around.

The stroll can actually be done in two ways: before and after the moving. If you’re lucky enough to be not too distant from the place that you move to, try to go there before you actually move, understand the atmosphere of the traffic or the local cuisine. If it is after moving, having a schedule would help since you might be busy because of work or college-related matters just after your move. So to not jumble your priorities, make a schedule for the stroll-around!

Ask family/friends or hire a professional moving company

It’s scary when thinking about the moving details such as how to move all your stuff and what to pack. Asking friends and relatives can significantly help your move, especially when you are close to them. They can help with all the details with packing while you could prepare the documents needed for your move! Some people even consider hiring a professional moving company to make things more simple because it sometimes comes with a professional moving advisor to help you make important steps on your first move!

Get to know the front office (or any admin)

For those moving to an apartment, you will find it quite helpful if you try to ask a few things with the front office, especially since they most probably would already know the place quite extensively. Introduce yourself (and your roommate if you have one) so that your stay will be more pleasant and more laid-back. Maybe he/she will give a few apartment life-hacks for all we know. It would also be safe since they would know you better because the more you interact, the better the chances are for them to have your back, be it for small things such as your pizza delivery already arriving, to helping someone get your lost wallet back.

For those who live in places where the person in the position of admin is not always present, do keep their contact from the beginning. This would help you with any trouble more easily than to have to research their contact only to find out that the number is not used anymore. Always have their contact and do try to communicate with them from the beginning. 

Have a ‘first-month’ budget

While first-time movers can be more affluent than others, it would still help all first-time movers to have a first-month budget. A budget where it is a bigger sum than your expected lower end budget. This first-month budget should try to accommodate for the possible miscalculation in transport fees, eating out often because you haven’t found the right place to eat, and buying relatively expensive things for long-term use (e.g. table lamp, glassware, carpet). Alternatively, this ‘first-month’ budget can just be your calculated monthly budget, but with a ‘pass’ if you went over the limit. Knowing how well you use this higher-end ‘first-month’ budget will help you adjust your lower end budget.

This ‘first-month’ budget can also help you, first-time movers, for being diligent about money. Yes, having trouble saving money is quite common especially for those who are by themselves for the first time. Thus, first-time moving would be a test to your own self-control. The better you can help yourself not to buy too many unnecessary things, the better your chances are to survive and save up in the future. 

Ask around!

However great your plan is, it can be better by listening to what others think of it! Have friends and family comment and add to your plan! Ask your friends who know the area of the places that would suit your hobby and your frequent weekend activities. Maybe they know someone who owns a nice restaurant close-by, maybe they can give some input to your ‘first-month’ budget, maybe they can help you make your ‘stroll-around’ schedule more condensed and properly prioritized based on factors that they know after living in the area for a while. Friends and family who know the area well and know you well can find some possible troubles and opportunities that you might miss. They can help you find the holes in your plan.  So don’t be shy to ask for their opinions.

All in all, moving for the first time might seem frightening but rest assured, if you take some of these tips into account, the trouble will seem small and can be expected when it shows. The important thing is that you’ve scheduled for a stroll-around to commit to understand and know more about the area, have made a contingency-like budget, and have asked the people closest to you of your plan to give critique and make it better. The final step is just to take a deep breath and go down your new avenue of adventure in a slow but sure pace!

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