How To Do Indoor Gardening

The COVID-19 pandemic requires people to remain home to avoid getting affected by the virus. Staying at home for a long time can be boring, especially when you have nothing to do aside from sleeping, eating, and watching TV series. You might already think of starting a new hobby while staying at home during the pandemic, but if you don’t know yet what activity you should do, indoor gardening should be the answer to your concern. You don’t need to worry about not having the equipment for gardening because you can easily buy them at an affordable price online. It is uncomplicated to start indoor gardening, and it can wash away your boredom!

Provide Spaces for Your Upcoming Little Friends!

If you want to start indoor gardening, make sure that you have a place to put your plants. As the plants will need sunlight and carbon dioxide, it is recommended for you to spare some places at your home for your soon-to-be daily companions. When it’s time for your little friends to meet the sunlight, you can put them near the window or any places that can receive sunlight. You can put the plants at your garage or empty rooms at night for them to get enough carbon dioxide circulations. 

For the rest of the time, you can put your plants anywhere and you can take a little part of your garden to use it as a decoration for your home. Aside from the spaces for your plants, you need to prepare the medium to grow the plants. The mediums are easy to get! You can choose which one suits your upcoming plants the best. The most used mediums for gardening especially in Indonesia are soil and hydroponics.

Which Plants Should You Grow?

Are you a beginner in the gardening world? If yes, we suggest you start with the plants with easy maintenances. Some vegetables are easy to grow and you can directly consume them after harvesting! If you only have little spaces at your home, you can consider planting scallions, gingers, and mushrooms as they don’t take up lots of spaces when growing. 

If you have wide spaces for the plants, you can try to plant tomato, kale, and carrots! It’s not hard for you to get the seeds of those veggies as you can order them online! If your goal of gardening is to make your home looks more fresh and beautiful, you can try to plant flowers! Some flowers that are easy to grow indoors are jasmine, orchids, and cape primrose. The presence of flower gardens will surely radiate refreshing energies and pleasant scents at your home.

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 Get to Know Your Plants

Just like humans who are uniquely different from each other, so do plants! They have specific requirements to able to grow well. All the plants require sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide. However, each plant has different water and sunlight requirements they should take every day. Some plants might die if they get too much sunlight and water, and some need much water and sunlight to survive. 

Here are some tips for you to know when you should water your plants and stop them. The first one is to dig your finger about an inch inside the soil. If you feel like the soil is dry, you need to water them. The second tip is looking at the bottom of your plants. If you spot water draining from the holes under the place you grow your plants, it means they already have sufficient water so stop water them.

Extra Help for the Plants to Grow

Humans can boost their health by consuming supplements such as vitamins. Same as plants, they also need supplements to produce the best outcomes. We can boost the quality of the plants as well as nourish them by giving them fertilizers. You don’t need to fertilize them every day as the plants will grow better when they are under fertilized rather than over-fertilized. 1-3 times a month is enough.

Also, compared to outdoor gardening, the amount of carbon dioxide level inside a closed space is less. Therefore, you might want to provide extra CO2 by using a CO2 burner. For safety reasons, you should always keep an eye on the CO2 burner to prevent fire. Anyways, your plants should not get too much CO2 as it will damage the plants.

now you already know how to indoor gardening. we hope this article will reduce boredom while at home and provide a new experience that is fun and worth trying. if you like articles like this, don’t forget to look at other recommendations in our bloq. many articles will help you provide restaurant, apartment and coffee shop recommendations so you can enjoy and explore more in Jakarta.

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