How to Create a Better Sleeping Routine

Constantly spending time wandering back and forth in your bed because you can’t sleep? After some time you might find yourself scrolling through your social media or watching some movies. Soon you realize that the sun starts to rise and you have to go back to your morning routine. Why do some people have trouble falling asleep? A condition of insomnia is the answer. Insomnia is a disorder that forbids someone to sleep even when they have the chance. However, not everyone who can’t sleep is considered to be insomniac. Sometimes, it’s just the night routines that you need to change in order to sleep faster and have a better resting quality. If you feel like it is a bit hard for you to sleep and you want to change your routines, consider these seven tips that can help you sleep soundly and wake up fresh the next morning. 

1. Stick to a Regular Sleeping Schedule

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Healthy adults normally need about 7 to 9 hours of rest every day. Yes, we know you are busy with everything going on in your life. However, all you need is a pinch of determination combined with the discipline to make it work. You can start by categorizing yourself as an early bird or a night bird. Then, you can adjust your sleeping schedule by counting the hours that you need to rest to the time you need to wake up. Maintain your schedule to sleep and wake up with your targeted time, even on the weekends. Once you’ve settled into the routine, your body will adjust its body clock.

2. Move Your Body

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Move Your Body

Studies by John Hopkins postulated exercising regularly allows your body to sleep faster and have a greater sleep quality. However, the timing of the exercise matters. Exercises such as cardio and dance will increase endorphins keeps the brain awake. If you are busy during the day, exercising 1 to 2 hours before going to bed is another option. It will give the endorphins time to wash out and tire out the brain. 

3. Evaluate your room

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Evaluate your room

Make sure your room is comfortable to enhance your sleeping quality. Keep your room at a temperature that you like. Block noises that can disturb you. Pick a choice whether you want to keep your lights on or off. You can also use aromatherapy such as lavender that is known as a natural sleeping aid.

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4. Avoid Consuming Caffeine in the evening

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Avoid Consuming Caffeine in the evening

Caffeine can make us more aware and alert as it blocks sleep-inducing chemicals. That is why people often drink it after waking up or to stay up during the day. However, drinking it in the evening will disturb your sleeping schedule that leads to poor sleep.

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5. Limit bright exposure

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Limit bright exposure

Being exposed to bright lights can keep you awake. Before going to sleep, turn off your lights. Don’t forget to turn off your gadget as well.

6. Make yourself busy

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Make yourself busy

After spending some time in bed, and you can’t sleep yet, make yourself busy by turning on the light and reading a book. Reading will help you to relax and make you sleepy in no time. Some people also mentioned they are unable to sleep because they think about lots of stuff which causes them to worry, overthink and anxious. You can overcome this by writing a to-do list before bed to ease your anxieties. 

Sleep is crucial to your health. Try some of these tips to start sleeping better. Wake up feeling more productive and more motivated to attain your goals and chase your dreams.

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