Stinky Shoes No More! Check Out These 10 Easy Ways to Dry Your Shoes

Everyone has their own way of drying shoes. One of the most common ways to dry your shoes is to dry them in the sun or perhaps hire a shoe-drying service right away. However, in this article, Flokq will tell you some alternative shoe drying methods for you to try. Especially for the rainy season!

1. Rice

cara mengeringkan sepatu dengan beras
Rice, the legendary dryer

This method of drying shoes is probably quite popular, especially for drying cell phones. In fact, it is often used as a solution to all problems. Apart from cellphones and other electronic devices, rice can also be used to dry your shoes. Use a large container filled with rice to use this technique. Don’t forget to make sure the inside also has enough rice grains and absorption area. Also, make sure that your shoes are in conditions that are not so wet. Conditions that are too wet will make the rice stick a lot and make your shoes worse.

2. Newspaper

This method is quite easy to do and the tools used can be found every day. This technique is especially effective for drying the inside of the shoe. The trick is to insert the squeezed newspaper into a ball so that it can reach the deepest parts of the shoe. This method of drying shoes needs to be applied quite carefully. You need to choose a newspaper that doesn’t have too much black in it so it doesn’t ruin the color of your shoes. So, be careful when choosing a newspaper, especially when wrapping the outside of your shoes with newspaper. See if the selected newspaper has many images, try to find one that has only a few images.

3. Microwave

The third way might make you a little confused because you will use a tool used for food purposes. Microwaves can not only be used to heat food, but also to dry your shoes. Keep in mind that the main function of a microwave is to make the water in it evaporate, warming whatever you put in.

The way to use this technique is to microwave your shoes on medium heat. This process will take approximately 15-30 minutes. Take a good look at the condition of your shoes while they are in the microwave, don’t let them go unnoticed and cause damage. Don’t forget to expose the wet parts of your shoes. So, if the inside is in quite wet conditions, open up more space.

4. Hair dryer

For this method of drying shoes, a tool is needed that may not be owned by everyone. Apart from drying your hair after taking a shower, your hair dryer can also be useful for drying shoes. The method is quite easy, such as when drying hair. So, try to focus on certain wet parts.

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5. Freezer

how to dry shoes freezer

How to dry your shoes may be one of the weirdest, but also quite effective. The stages are quite simple, first empty the freezer, then put your shoes in a plastic bag. After that, put the plastic bag in the empty freezer. Wait some time and check occasionally for maximum results.

6. Dryer Machine

how to dry shoes dryer

For this method of drying shoes, it is only suitable for some people, especially those who have a dryer in their washing machine. In addition, for clothes, this washing machine feature can be used to dry shoes. This method also only applies to certain types of shoes, namely synthetic, cotton, and canvas. The unsuitable type of shoe can damage your shoe and washing machine.

This method only takes a few steps. The first is to line the dryer in the washing machine with a few slightly damp towels, then tuck in your mesh-covered shoes.

7. Light from a Lamp

how to dry shoes lamp

For those of you who have a lot of time, this method of drying your shoes may be suitable for you. Even though it’s long, it’s guaranteed that there won’t be any side effects to your shoes if you use this method of drying shoes. Just by keeping your shoes under a light bulb overnight, they can dry without fear of damage. But still, free time is the key to the success of this method of drying shoes.

8. Penyedot debu

how to dry shoes
Vacuum as well as water absorption

This method of drying shoes is similar to how to dry shoes using a hair dryer. Just turn on your vacuum cleaner and wait until your shoes look dry enough. Don’t forget to clean your vacuum cleaner before doing this method. This method of drying your shoes can fail if your machine is dirty, dust will stick to your shoes and can worsen the cleanliness of your shoes. So, pay attention to the cleanliness of your vacuum cleaner before choosing this method!

9. Fan

how to dry shoes fan

Second to last, is probably a way that is quite affordable and easy. A fan placed on a table or on the floor can be used in this method of drying the shoes. Make sure the fan is big enough for your shoes to be effective. Point the fan towards your shoes, use some kind of hook to keep your shoes in place. Observe after some time and adjust the wind angle occasionally for maximum results.

10. Towels

towels how to dry shoes

Recommendations for how to dry shoes last may include quite conventional for some readers. This method is specifically for shoes that are not too wet from rain or have gotten a sufficient level of dryness. Use a towel like how towels are used. Make sure the parts that are hard enough to reach can be absorbed by the water. Also, don’t forget to wash your towels immediately afterward, the smell of shoes can be even more pungent and last longer!

That’s an alternative way of drying shoes that you can try. Especially in the rainy season, it can be quite difficult to find time to leave your shoes in the sun. Even places that provide their services will be more overwhelmed with processing orders, so preparing alternative methods would be the right choice.

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