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You will never get bored by living in Jakarta because there will always be something that you can do at any time and in every inch of Jakarta. The nightlife scenes are the highlight of Jakarta’s entertainment, as well as the heaven for the night owls! There are lots of lounges and bars where you can party till the dawn and meet new exciting people. Almost every night of the weekend, you could also find music festivals and concerts hosted by high school students, university students, and concert promotors in Jakarta that provides amazing line-ups from the music industry locally and internationally. Aside from music festivals, many places also provide live music as entertainment for customers. The most common area for this fun entertainment is South Jakarta.

Nightclubs and music festivals are not the only nightlife scenes in Jakarta. There are also night markets where you can spend quality time with your significant others while eating hawker foods and enjoying the night weather of Jakarta, and there are beautiful restaurants to go to for a romantic dinner!  So, here we will list you the best nightlife places and events that you can attend to enjoy your night in Jakarta!

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1. Party Destinations

Jakarta and parties are two words that cannot be separated. In the afternoon, the city is full of business: working people in the buildings, public transports, and the streets. At night? The people relieve the tiredness and stress by entertaining themselves at the nightclubs. On the weekends, the nightclubs are going to be packed with the party animals who yearn for drinks and some fun on the dance floors, so if you love the presence of many people at a club, many places in Jakarta will gladly accommodate your preference, most of them located in South Jakarta. 

Blowfish, Fable, and Jenja are arguably the most popular nightclubs in Jakarta. Fable is a club located in SCBD that is known for the up-to-date DJs, informative bartenders, and reasonable cover price. You just need to pay Rp100,000.00 to go in and you will get a coupon for your first drink. Blowfish is located in Gatot Subroto, South Jakarta. The club is super lit (literally and figuratively), and it is suitable for the middle adults as the concept of the club is semi-formal. The space is not too spacious yet it enables the people to dance and interact more intimately. 

The other recommended nightclub is Jenja that is located in Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta. Unlike Fable and Blowfish that only open 3-4 days a week, Jenja opens every day from 5 PM until 4 AM. As the range for the club is middle to up, the club is mostly filled with working people instead of university students. People who come here also need to wear decent attire to match the exclusive concept they are using.

2. Nightlife on the Streets

Sometimes what we need to entertain ourselves is a chill hangout with the gang at midnight. Catching up with friends while eating street foods is a thing in Jakarta. There are some nightlife markets in Jakarta where you can hang out with your friends which are Santa Night Market, Kota Tua Night Market, and Pecenongan Night Market. 

Santa Night Market opens from morning until midnight. The youths and tourists usually come here at midnight to attend the food stalls, specifically the local dishes. Kota Tua night market is located in the old town of Jakarta. Instead of serving foods, the market is mostly filled with stalls that sell local souvenirs and indigenous products. The experience of strolling around the vintage heritages in Kota Tua at night will be different compared to noon as the weather is much comfy at night so you get to explore the places in peace.  Pecenongan Night Market is the heaven for the foodies! This is the place to look out for midnight snacks while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Jakarta. There are places where you can get drinks at Pecenongan Night Market so you will get a new experience in getting tipsy at the local market.

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3. Music Festivals & Live Music Places

If you like your nights to be occupied with music, you can get what you want in Jakarta. Targetted for the youngsters, students from junior high school to university have a tradition in holding an annual music festival with amazing line-ups, or you could look for music festivals that are opened for everyone. The guest stars are usually famous singers or bands from Indonesia and the price for the ticket is always below Rp200,000.00, which is the best time for the students to spend their midnights filled with melodies. 

For the adult ones who enjoy live music with less crowds, live music cafe is the answer. Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta can be the answer to your concern. Hard Rock Cafe is a cafe, dining place, and a bar that provides live music to entertain the customers. They sometimes invite singers as guest stars for their live music such as Faris RM. They also like to hold events that are related to music such as Freddie for a Day, which is an event to celebrate Freddie Mercury’s 73rd Birthday where they play Freddie Mercury’s songs at the whole event. There are many other music events that you can expect in Jakarta, so you don’t need to worry about letting the music geeks out of yourself.

4. Enjoying Restaurants

If you’re the culinary type, then Jakarta is the heart of all types of food and beverages! From street foods to fancy restaurants, and even traditional Indonesian foods to foreign country foods. All of it is spread all around Jakarta! Some of the best restaurants are located in Central Jakarta and South Jakarta where the heart of the nightlife is.

So there you have a picture of the nightlife scene in Jakarta. There is still so much to do in Jakarta but we hope this is enough for you to have fun out with your friends and family! Don’t forget to check out our other posts on Flokq! Have a great night!

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