12 Best Pets to Accompany You in Your Kos-Kosan

Living alone in a kos-kosan room can sometimes make you feel lonely. If you feel like you need a friend, try having pets! Adorable pets can be your mood booster when staying in and make you feel less lonely.

Having a pet in your kos-kosan house can be an alternative to accompany you and get rid of loneliness when in your room alone. Pets will make you feel like you have friends and foster a sense of affection or a special bond. Moreover, you will take care of it every day.

12 Pets Recommendations That You Can Have in Kosan

Keeping animals in the kos-kosan house must be careful because you have to adjust to the policies and regulations of the house. However, you can still have several types of pets that are allowed in the kos-kosan house. Well, here are recommendations for animals or animals that you can keep in a kos-kosan house:

1. Betta Fish

betta fish

The easiest and most hassle-free choice for those of you who are busy is ornamental fish. Small ornamental fish only need an aquarium and are relatively easy to maintain. In addition, ornamental fish such as betta fish or aquascape also look beautiful with their various colors.

However, if you decide to keep a betta fish, remember that you can’t place it with other betta fish. Just one betta fish in one place!

2. Turtle

turtles as pets

Well, this one animal is also quite safe for you to keep in a kos-kosan house. In addition, maintenance is also easy. You simply place it in an aquarium that is exposed to the morning sun, filled with a little water and you can add rocks.

Don’t forget to feed them before you leave and when you come home! Turtles also tend to live long lives, so they can accompany you for a long time.

3. Hamster

hamster as pets

Hamsters are small furry pets, so you can keep them in a boarding house without disturbing or eating places. The cost of food and maintenance is also inexpensive, so it will not dry out your wallet.

The minus is, hamsters will frequently poop in their cage, which can cause an unpleasant odor. You have to regularly clean the cage. However, taking care of them will pay off by seeing their active and adorable behavior. Seeing their funny behavior can reduce fatigue or stress!

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4. Guinea Pig

guinea pigs as pets

Guinea pigs are another rodent that is larger than hamsters, but not too big, so they are easy to keep in the kos-kosan house. In addition, this animal likes to eat vegetables and whole grains. It’s not hard so to feed, right?

The behavior of these animals is also not very active, they can only eat all day. Easy to care for and lots of fun to pet the fuzz of this adorable animal!

5. Hedgehog

hedgehog as pet

The animal, which is known for its spines on its back, has recently become a trend. Classified as an exotic animal and quite expensive, this mini hedgehog, aka the hedgehog, does look cute and adorable, from its face, shape, to its behavior.

Unlike the hedgehog in the wild, the mini hedgehog’s spines are not sharp, you know. In addition, although it is classified as an exotic animal and quite expensive, mini hedgehogs are actually quite easy to take care of.

6. Sugar Glider

sugar glider as pet

Sugar gliders are also one of the most popular animals these days. These cute nocturnal animals are small enough to be pocketed and carried around. Sugar gliders also have a tendency to like to stick with their owners. Isn’t that adorable? Their clingy nature makes them a friend to get rid of loneliness in the room.

Due to their small size, sugar gliders are suitable for pets in kos-kosan. However, the hobby of hanging sugar gliders and being active at night can be troublesome. Even so, the food is easy and cheap, namely bananas. Meanwhile, the treatment method is also easy.

7. Lizard

Indeed, not everyone likes reptiles, especially as pets. Many find it ridiculous or even terrifying. However, it turns out that many people also admire lizards. In fact, the lizard-loving community has a hobby of keeping several species of lizards at once because they are actually tame.

You can choose from various types of lizards such as iguanas, chameleons, blue tongue lizards, geckos, and many more. Lizards can even act like cats, you know! However, there is something to note here. The cost of maintaining this lizard is not cheap, so you have to be prepared to spend money to keep this exotic animal in a kos-kosan house.

8. Rabbit

This animal belongs to the rodent family, but has a larger size than guinea pigs and hamsters. Rabbits are included as pets that are only active when eating, even though they are still quite agile.

However, if you decide to pet a rabbit, there are important things that you must pay attention to. You have to give extra attention and care to your rabbit because rabbits have a fairly vulnerable condition. Besides that, you also have to regularly clean the cage so that it doesn’t cause a disturbing bad smell.

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9. Bird

bird sun conure as pet

Many people may consider birds as old-fashioned, but ornamental birds can also be a good pet for Flokqers who live in a kos-kosan house. This animal won’t likely to disturb other people in kos-kosan house, as long as you are cleaning the cage regularly so it doesn’t smell bad.

Ornamental birds or chirping birds have a beautiful voice if cared for properly. However, maintaining a true chirping bird does need people who are painstaking and diligent, so it’s not easy to care for it. Even so, the cost of bird care is actually standard, really suitable for boarding children.

10. Snake

snake as pet

These reptiles do have a creepy image, and many people are afraid of snakes. However, not a few, you know, people who like to keep snakes. Not a few snake enthusiasts maintain large snakes such as pythons or yellow boas which are exotic and non-venomous.

Actually, as long as you can care for and take care of them properly, snakes are also one of the animals that are suitable for you to keep in the boarding house. The problem is, not all kos-kosan houses will allow snakes because there is a possibility that it can disturb the comfort of others.

11. Cat

cat as pet

These popular domestic animals are often kept as playmates which can reduce stress. Their spoiled and fun nature can make you annoyed, in purrfectly good way! If you are stressed or sad, the presence of a cat can be a cure.

Cat behavior is known to be cute and adorable, although it can be naughty too. However, these animals are quite safe and easy to care for. If you want to keep a cat in the kos-kosan house, make sure you are ready with their behavior and activity. In addition, make sure your kos-kosan house allows them!

12. Virtual Pet

virtual pets

If you are a really busy person and have almost no time to take care of other living creatures, you can try keeping a virtual pet instead!

Similar to Tamagotchi toys that existed when we were little, now you can download various Tamagotchi-like applications on your cellphone. Some of these virtual pet games can also fill spare time or get rid of boredom too.

In addition, you don’t need to pay for any maintenances. Virtual pets also won’t disturb other residents and are guaranteed not to be banned by kos-kosan owners!

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That’s 12 types of pets that you can choose to accompany you in your kos-kosan house. Hopefully this article helps you in choosing a pet to live with, Flokqers!

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