5 Life-Changing Tips to Maximize Your Small Closet

Sure, having your apartment is such pure bliss. However, one of the sad realities of having your place is the fact that you can’t get everything that you want. There are always pros and cons to different properties. In other words, compromise is the only way to decide whether you sign that lease or not. Having a tiny closet is one of the worst dreams any renter could ever have. Not all of us are blessed enough to have Carrie Bradshaw’s walk-in-closet for your piling collection of clothes and shoes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to arrange your stuff if you don’t have enough space. Here, we’ve compiled some simple tips and tricks on how to maximize your small closet!

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1. KonMari everything in your closet

folding clothe maximize closet space

As Marie Kondo once said, “does this spark joy?.” and you should ask yourself the same question. If it does spark joy, you can keep it, otherwise throw it. You don’t need that vintage vest you got from the pop-up market three years ago, do you? Throw it. Those ripped jeans is so last year, throw it. Some people make fun of this method, but we find it incredibly helpful. Some people think that keeping their clothes that are too tight for them to wear will motivate them to lose weight when it’s probably not going to happen anytime soon. We understand that getting rid of your sentimental stuff is hard. However, when you’re dealing with a small closet, throwing it up is the only way to organize your closet. So, KonMarie, the hell outta your wardrobe cause it will spark joy.

2. Organize your drawers and shelves

clean maximize closet space

A closet organizing system will make a massive difference in your closet. Shoe boxes can be used to organize drawers, and clear shelf dividers are great to create divided areas for each category of clothing. Try to roll up your shirts instead of the usual folding technique. It will create more spaces for your clothes. Utilize the top of the closet to store your accessories such as hats, purses, or shoes. If it’s possible, place a small dresser and shoe rack underneath your hanging clothes. Organize your hanging clothes from the longest one to the shortest one to create floor spaces for more stuff. Keep in mind that every inch of your closet can be used. 

3. Do you need those mounting hangers?

hanger maximize closet space

There are so many ways to maximize your hangers. Get the multi-layer hangers to organize your pants by fabrics or colors and neatly store them. All your denim jeans can fit on one hanger, and all your black jeans can go on another. Additionally, you will be able to provide more on a multi-layer hanger than you can on a single hanger.

4. Use The Door

You can use the inside of your closet door to store anything, from shoes, handbags, scarves, hats, or belts. If you have too many pairs of shoes, store them on the shoe organizer and hang it with hooks inside of your closet door. Buy the clear plastic shoe organizer so it’ll be easier for you to choose your shoes. Other alternatives to maximize your closet is to install sliding doors. They’re great space-savers and will make your apartment a lot tidier.

5. Get a clothing rack

corner maximize closet space

If you have some bulky coats, pretty dresses, or silk maxis that you don’t wear all too often, then it’s best to display them on a clothing rack in your room. You could go check out IKEA and get one with neutral or nude color to accentuate the color of your clothes. You can also store your shoe collection underneath. It’s practical and aesthetic, perfect for maximizing your closet!

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So there you have the tips to maximize your small closet! There are many other ways to maximize it but we hope this is enough to help you!

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