Top 6 International Education Fairs in Jakarta

For students with dreams of pursuing their academic careers abroad, Jakarta is the place they want to be for the best connection and opportunities. However, not everyone has the time to find the information for every new program and scholarship update, while the information given on university websites isn’t always detailed. So, where do you look for this information? Thankfully, international education institutes and foreign education ministries regularly hold educational fairs in Jakarta. Some cater to one particular country, while others gather participants from different countries. To get you started, here are the 6 top international education fairs in Jakarta that are held publicly and regularly.

1. Study in Japan Fair

Study in Japan Fair'

Study in Japan Fair is an official education fair by the Japan Student Service Organization, it’s an independent institution that facilitates the application and enrollment of international students of Japan. It also has support from the Embassy of Japan in Indonesia as well as support from the educational organization Japan Foundation.

The fair’s designed to provide Indonesian students and educators with up-to-date and correct information on Japanese higher education and research policy. Their goal is to guide students to select a suitable school and expand their career in Japan and therefore promote Japanese universities to prospective international students.

There are two venues in Indonesia: Surabaya and Jakarta. The program entails brochure display and distribution, individual consultation, and seminars from Japanese universities, scholarship bodies, and alumni. It is usually held around November each year.

Over the past years, the Jakarta Study in Japan fair has over more than 60 participating institutions, including universities (national, local public, and private), professional training colleges, and Japanese language schools.


2. Study in Korea Education Fair

Study in Korea Education Fair

The Study in Korean Fair is an event by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) of South Korea’s Ministry of Education. 

Like Study in Japan, the fair aims to promote Korean universities to international students and give them the required information to study in South Korea.

Study in Korea fair in Indonesia usually have up to 41 universities that will set up stands, distribute brochures, and hold presentations. They are not just for prospective undergraduate students, but also graduate students who want to continue their academic career in South Korea.

However, Study in Korea fairs also hold draws where you can win exciting prizes sponsored by Korean companies. Who knows, you can probably win a trip to Korea! This fair is usually held each year on November!


3. Top 5 Countries Education Fair

Top 5 Countries Education Fair

The Vista Education Corp regularly holds the Top 5 International Education Fair, which has representatives from the United States, United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, and Australia.

This free education fair offers personal consultation in representative booths as well as workshops with various themes. They also regularly invite professors from overseas and Indonesian public figures who are alumni from different universities abroad.

In Jakarta, the fair lasts for two days. On the first day, you will get to join an IELTS Workshop and simulation competition by Vista English themselves and you’ll attend a motivational talk show by guest speakers. On the second day, you will receive talks on careers from various internationally-recognized professionals in their respective fields.

Vista invites universities and educational institutions from the five countries. So, not only will you meet the likes of Kaplan, but also representatives from Auburn University, Louisiana State University, University of Tasmania, Nottingham Trent University, and many more. You’ll be able to attend this fair every day around January in Jakarta.

Website: (2019)

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4. SUN International Education Expo Jakarta

SUN International Education Expo Jakarta

SUN Education Group is an association of three overseas education consultant groups: Erajaasa Globalindo, International Student Services (ISS), and Next Generation (NexGen). All three have ample experience in consultation and application services to educational institutions abroad.

This group annually holds an International education fair known as the International Education Expo Jakarta, it is one of the largest and most comprehensive of its kind. Its usually held each year around January in Jakarta.

Their guests are varied, with universities and other educational institutions coming in from Australia, USA, China, UK, Ireland, Italy, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, France, Spain, Swiss, as well as international colleges in Indonesia.

Here, you can join free seminars and workshops, as well as obtain information about countries, campuses, scholarships, and even student accommodations!


5. World Education Expo Indonesia

World Education Expo Indonesia

World Education Expo Indonesia derives its audiences from state high schools and universities across four cities (Medan, Jakarta, Surabaya, Denpasar). As they aim to attract and connect with as many schools as possible, especially from more rural areas, they provide free entry as well as free transportation to and from the expo.

With endorsement from the Indonesian Ministry of Research and Technology, this program runs with the vision that every student has the right to have the Right education. Therefore, they annually invite over 400 universities from around the world each year around September.

Many organizations and colleges are participating in this fair. For example, you have Institut Francais, Uni-Italia, Campus Spain, Indonesia Korea Culture &  Study, as well as New York Film Academy, College of Visual and Performing Arts.

The venue in Jakarta, meanwhile, has over 12 participants, including those from Ireland, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Philippines, and Thailand. That will open more doors for students to select scholarship opportunities with higher chances of enrollment and more benefits.


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6. Indonesia International Education Training & Scholarship Expo

Indonesia International Education Training & Scholarship Expo

This expo isn’t just for university graduates who want to continue their academic careers. It also aims to guide high school students through career options before selecting a university or technical college.

In short, this expo has a goal to ensure that students get the widest references as possible before signing their life off to a field of study or work. Thus, The Ministry of Research and Technology, along with The Ministry of Education, invite participants from different specialties. These industries range from animation to nuclear engineering. Even the Indonesian military makes its presence too.

The participants aren’t just limited to national institutions. For example, you will get to meet overseas educational agencies, such as the Australia Awards, Goethe Institute, and so much more. It is held annually around February, so get yourselves ready!


So, there you have you’re 6 best international education fair in Jakarta that you can attend to! There are actually many international education fairs in Jakarta and you could find them in universities or high schools, but some are not opened for public, still, we hope this is enough to help you! Don’t forget to check out our other recommendations!

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