5 Affordable Ideas to Make Friends in a New City

The transition of moving into the new city can be a little tough, especially when you know no one in the town. Not only are you dealing with home-sickness, but on top of that, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to trying to make new friends. If you live with a roommate, it’s a tad easier. Worry not, learning how to make friends in a new city doesn’t have to be as tricky as it sounds. With these easy-peasy ways to make new friends, you’ll find a bunch of friends in no time!

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How to Make Friends New Friends in Jakarta

1. Use Apps

apps new friends ideas jakarta

One of the easiest and cheapest ways to make new friends is by using an app. There are plenty of mobile apps to help you find new friends around the neighborhood from the comfort of your home. When you’re in the process of making friends, apps like these create easy links to those around you who are looking for the same. And because you have a chance to get to know someone a bit before agreeing to meet up, you don’t have to worry about wasting your time with people you don’t click with.

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Tinder and Bumble are the most popular apps, but there are so many options out there. Bumble has a BFF option where you can meet girls or guys with the same interest. Another option is Meetup, which could help you find local people with common interests. Search apps for making friends that are popular in your area, so you’ll have a lot of options. Try out these apps and see which one works best for you!

2. Hang out with you coworkers

Being friends with some of your coworkers at work is one of the easiest ways to make friends in a new city. You can interact with them daily, and it’s a perfect opportunity to try and get to know them better. The pantry is a great spot to hang out during the break and have a chit-chat with your coworkers. If there’s a favorite go-to lunch spot, don’t be shy and ask your coworkers to join. In addition to having lunch together with your coworkers, invite your coworkers to a game night at your place or grab some drinks after work.

3. Join any groups or clubs

exercise new friends ideas jakarta

From wacky Facebook groups to book clubs, you can try to join multiple groups/clubs to make new friends. There are a lot of useful Facebook groups, especially for making friends or expat groups in a particular area. Different communities or niche interests in your area may have groups you can join.

If you like the idea of discussing some books while engaging with someone new, then book clubs are probably your cup of tea. You can participate in discussions filled with some people who have the same interest as you. So, in other words, you can make friends without even really trying.

Dance classes can also be a great option to meet new people and workout at the same time. The next time you’re at a workout class, ask someone if they come to the classes often and ask them what classes they would recommend as you’re new in town.

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4. Befriend your neighbors

new friends ideas jakarta

New in the city, and you don’t know anyone around? It’s a perfect time to befriend your neighbors. As soon as you move in, knock three or four doors next to your room and let them know that you’re the new tenant. That way when you meet them in the hallway or elevator, you can greet them and they’ll remember you.

Bake some cookies and give it to your neighbors. It’s a small gesture, but guaranteed it will work! Invite some of the folks next door to your casual housewarming party. It’s your opportunity to get a feel of what your neighbors are like and get to know them. Show genuine interest in them and be friendly, then friendships will come naturally

5. Volunteer

volunteer new friends ideas jakarta

Volunteering is an excellent way to make new friends as well as give back to your community and help those in need. Getting involved in some charitable organizations or non-profit organizations in your area is a quick way to meet new people with the same interest.

Choose a cause you’re passionate about, for example, if you are passionate about global warming or the environment, then you should consider becoming a volunteer at some local environmental volunteer program. When you have a passion for giving back, it is easy to find others who share that passion. You can also find a volunteer opportunity near you that is suitable for you on VolunteerMatch.org by entering your city and your interest, such as animal welfare, education, children and youth, and so on.

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So, folks, it’s not impossible to make friends in the new city if you’re willing to put in some efforts. With the existence of the internet, meeting new friends has never been easier.

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