5 Things to Know Before Choosing Co-Living

The flat-sharing concept is no longer a stranger in the current society. From transportation, entertainment, housing to working spaces, the sharing concept is widely used for its conventionally low-cost result. The co-living concept offers a cheaper and safer way to cut down on the cost of living, especially in the densely populated city. There are lots of things to know about co-living, and it is important to note that co-living is a communal lifestyle where you find like-minded people and work towards an interactive and inspiring environment for all of its members.

Co-living is a great way of living especially in a busy city where it’s every man for themselves like Jakarta. Co-living in Jakarta would be a great experience to live with friends that are family-liked! But there must be some hesitations for you to choose co-living, so here are some of the things to know about co-living that might help you consider things before choosing to co-live!

1. What is Co-Living?

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The first thing you need to know is the definition of co-living itself. Co-living is short for community living, it’s all about living together with others, by sharing communal spaces such as a kitchen, bathroom, dining area, or working spaces. Initially, the concept is very dorm-like, with an operator that controls every flow of residence. If you have the desire to live in a tight-knit community that offers an economically-friendly living cost, then co-living might be the answer you are looking for.

Furthermore, the fundamental idea of co-living is to share knowledge and experiences. Meaning that you are in a community created by people who are willing to work together in their shared interest. This could be a passion, a job, a hobby, a goal, or even an ideology. Therefore, it is very common to find spaces dedicated to bringing together people together with the same interests (e.g. students, fashion designers, models, inspiring artists, engineers, etc) where you are working together to contribute for the good of the community. 

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2. How does Co-Living work?

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The system of co-living, physically speaking, is an arranged living space where people of the same interests, career, or ideals gather. The location does not matter, it could be in a house, in an apartment, or even a penthouse. You need to know also that the system of co-living is quite simple. Basically, residents can pay for a room and are allowed to utilize the facilities or common spaces available, including one private bedroom of their own. 

Then, there is the operator who is responsible for charging, organizing bills, cleaning services, arranging orientation or meet-ups for the group, and some even helps you find a roommate! Most co-living has flexible leasing whether it is weekly or monthly or whatever works the best for you and your roommates. All expenses are divided among the people who live there, so the more they are, the cheaper they will be. You can also join co-living for just a week. However, if you are a  nomad, renting it by the month will be more profitable.

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3. What can I expect from Co-Living?

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  • To co-live is to open an opportunity to create career networks and save some money for your future. Many ambitious young professionals prefer to co-live to cut down the budget on high rent. According to a report made by Cushman&Wakefield 2019, co-living would be expanding in the next 5 years since preferences of the generation are growing to find a home that provides convenience, affordability, and a vibrant community. Generally speaking, it offers you the opportunity to meet the community that shares the same ideals, values, interests, and knowledge that probably could help you build your future career or even could give you a second family.

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  • Fun activities, events, and agendas! The idea of co-living is different from the dormitory; it is not only about sharing a living space. You are joining a group of people or a community with values and interests similar to yours. It is designed to make your life more comfortable and promote social interaction with other residents, with a set of rules to get everyone involved in activities like weekly events, parties, and more!
  • Having personal space is also possible! Co-living is about sharing and doing things together but you could also have your personal space. Usually in co-living, you have your own personal bedroom and working area, so you don’t have to worry if you need some time to yourself.
  • Undergo admission process. You also need to know that to enter a co-living community, you must undergo some sort of admission process where you must apply to get accepted. The admission process is particularly standard, where the goal is to get to know you, why you apply, your passion, etc. Once it is accepted, you will be asked to sign in and move into the co-living community of your choice. Each company will try to pair you up with people of similar interests and personalities in order for you to and them to feel comfortable.  

4. Benefits of Co-Living 

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If you choose to start a co-living lifestyle, you need to know that you will reap great benefits. So here are some benefits in co-living that are reported from the finding of Jll in India 2019:

  • It is cheaper rather than renting independently.
  • Housekeeping, payment of utility bills, maintenance, furniture and fixtures, renewal of lease contracts are easy
  • Co-living gives you the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with new people from different cultures and backgrounds, all willing to share their values with you. Then, there is a strong sense of community, due to similar interests and values.
  • Chores are divided with roommates!
  • You won’t feel alone and have social acceptance! Shared communal also allows you to interact more with other residents, rather than private closed-off space you might find in a studio apartment.
  • Plus, co-living often provides a more safe and productive space to work from home. So, it allows more comfort in doing your work without having to worry about unnecessary distractions.    

5. The Risks of Co-living

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Co-living is an ideal way to live in an increasingly populated and closed-off world of ours. However, we need to recognize some risks that you might have to face when you are living with another person.

  • There is a chance that you will not get along with everyone in the house. Despite the selective and filtered application, you may find yourself having a clash with some people due to the differences in personalities or views.
  • There is still a lack of privacy if your roommates violate the rules you guys made in the roommate agreement. You better know these things earlier before you choose co-living. Most of the time, common spaces such as kitchens and living rooms, are beneficial and are the charms of co-living. However, from time to time people will need privacy and personal time for themselves.

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  • There is a roommates’ agreement you have to follow. However, the rules are important so that everyone can have a common understanding of each other. Following these set of rules might not feel good, but it is a sign that you care about the others.

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To conclude, we could understand that co-living is more than just renting out a room. It is a lifestyle that may or may not be entirely for everyone, although anyone is welcome. Our last advice is to make sure to check out the place you want to apply for. It is critical for you to look at the reviews. So, you have a general idea of how co-living works in that particular residence before making the decision.

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