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You might think that religious buildings are sacred. Thus, you believe that you shouldn’t visit them. Yes, religious places are indeed holy, but it doesn’t mean you can enjoy their charms as long as you follow the rules! With their dazzling design, radiant exteriors, and sheer size, places of worship are considered as the most beautiful buildings.

Discover numerous places of worship in Jakarta, from churches, temples, and mosques. Thanks to the city’s religious diversity.
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Regardless of your religion, if you’re a true explorer from around the world, you’ll admire places of worship’s architectural façade and long history. Though perhaps forged by a single faith, each of these worshipping places has an indescribable magnificence that transcends any single belief and brings together visitors from every creed and culture.

Bogor is known as a historical city with thousand of artifacts. Worship places are famous to be tourists’ destinations in the City of Rain. So, what are sacred places that you must visit if you come to Bogor? Flokq has several recommendations for you!

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1. Pura Parahyangan Bogor Agung Jagakatsa (Parahyangan Bogor Temple)

Pura Parahyangan Bogor Agung Jagakatsa worship place bogor
Source: Google Maps

Parahyangan Temple is believed as the largest Hindu temple on Java, and the second largest after Besakih Temple in Bali. Built on 2.5 hectares of land on the slopes of Mount Salak, on sacred land which is said to be the pioneer of King Siliwangi of the Kingdom of Pajajaran, Parahyangan Temple is located in Warung Loak village, Taman Sari village, Ciapus Village. It is about 13 kilometers from the center of Bogor. This temple was built in 1995 and is the main place to hold some Hindu religious rituals, for example, Shiva Ratri Ceremony. Its existence is a place of worship for Hindus and is open to other religious communities as tourist attractions.

Because it is a place of worship, of course, you must follow the rules. For example, women may not enter if they are in a period. Children who are less than 42 days are also not permitted to enter. You can’t wear shorts and flip-flops when you go there. But don’t worry, if you wear them, the temple manager will provide a sarong for you to fix the way you dress. After all the requirements are met, you will be given a yellow cloth to tie around the waist.

You’ll be exposed by amazing natural view ranging by greenfield, mount Salak, cool weather, and many Hindu statues! If you want to escape for a while from a mundane life in the city and meditate, you must visit Pura Parahyangan Bogor!

Address: Tamansari, Kec. Tamansari, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16610

Phone:  +6287711066823 / +6281297456588


2. Masjid Raya Bogor (Bogor Grand Mosque)

masjid raya bogor worship place bogor
Source: Google Maps

If you’re bored to go to Puncak and want to enjoy a different atmosphere in Bogor, you can visit the Bogor Grand Mosque for this time. This mosque has become an icon in Bogor as a religious tourism destination Masjid Raya Bogor is a place of worship that you can visit as a tourist while in Bogor. You’ll find its beautiful natural scenery and Instagramable culinary places that surround the mosque. Historically, this mosque is very ancient. It was built in 1970 and announced in 1979. The specialty of the mosque building is equipped with the Bogor Islamic Development and Study Center Building which can be accessed in front of the right side, as well as the existing public library in the foyer of the mosque.

Being here, you will be amazed by the design of the mosque which is quite unique and interesting. There is a crystal chandelier hanging right in the middle. After a total revitalization, the Masjid Raya Bogor now has a large dome flanked by two small domes, building the roof of the mosque that was previously designed by two overlapping pyramids. Every corner of Masjid Raya Bogor has its own uniqueness, so you’ll have many spots to take selfies!

Address: Jl. Raya Pajajaran No.10, RT.02/RW.6, Baranangsiang, Kec. Bogor Tim., Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16143

Phone: +622518323344

Opening hours: Closed at 11.00 PM

3. Gereja Katedral Bogor (Bogor Cathedral Church)

Keuskupan Bogor worship place
Source: Wikipedia

The spread of Christianity in Indonesia holds an integrated historical role in Indonesia, not only in religious matters but also in the development of the country. Historical evidence of the spread of Christian teaching in Indonesia can still be seen from the sturdy historical church building. Not only have historical values, but the church buildings also have architectural values ​​that make Bogor Cathedral Church is worth mentioning as one of the most beautiful churches in Indonesia.

The church, which was under the colonial administration named Buitenzorg and located in Bogor, is a historical and discussing church in Indonesia. Known as the Bogor Cathedral Church, the church which was built in 1896 has the official name of the Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Sturdy buildings with beautiful architecture make this safe church as well as the most beautiful and grandest church in the city of Bogor. You’ll feel amazed if you visit Bogor Cathedral Church, make sure that you bring a camera and enjoy your soothing moment there!

Address: Jl. Kapten Muslihat No.22, RT.04/RW.01, Paledang, Kecamatan Bogor Tengah, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16122

4. Kelenteng Hok Tek Bio (Hok Tek Bio Pagoda)

Klenteng Hok Tek Bio worship place bogor
Source: Google Maps

If you want to know how Chinese culture looks like, definitely you can visit Bogor. Bogor has the oldest pagoda called Hok Tek Bio which is a place of worship for Khonghucu believers. Mostly, the tourists don’t visit this temple just to worship, but they take selfies and explore tasty foods around the pagoda. There are many diverse culinary vendors around the temple. Located on Jl Suryakencana, which is well known as Bogor’s Chinatown area, Hok Tek Bio Pagoda is visited by local and international tourists because of the area around the pagoda perpendicular from the front gate of the Bogor Botanical Gardens, along one kilometer that never sleeps as a tourist paradise of the City of Bogor.

Travelers can see ancient Chinese-style buildings, Totok Chinese villages, shops, Chinese food to street food-centered in Aut Aut. Reviewing its history, many say that this pagoda is more than 3 centuries old, built by Chinese citizens who work as traders. In 1960 the temple building was restored until it stood majestically right next to the Bogor Market. Travelers can get to know the culture of the Chinese community, especially those who live in Bogor. Usually, Khonghucu worshipers here call it the Dhanagun Temple. This temple is also declared as a cultural heritage building in the City of Bogor.

Do not hesitate if you want to enter the main room which is the place of prayer. When you arrive in the main room, you’ll be exposed by statues of gods, candles, incenses, offerings, and other sacred objects of the pagoda. Of course, you can take many photos, but don’t disturb people who pray!

This temple is crowded by people who worship on Saturdays and Sundays. If you want to know about the ins and outs of the pagoda, there will be tour guides who tell the history; you’ll be invited to walk around the pagoda. This pagoda is not just a place of worship, every day some people casually gather in the pagoda’s backyard. Plus, if you love Chinese medication, this place is made for you! There is a medical center that is open for the public and you ultimately can try it!

Address: RT.03/RW.07, Babakan Ps., Kecamatan Bogor Tengah, Kota Bogor, Jawa Barat 16126

Phone: (0251) 8381650

Open hours: 8.00 AM – Finish

5. Vihara Buddha Dharma dan 8 Pho Sat (Buddhist Dharma Temple and 8 Pho Sat)

Vihara Buddha Dharma 8 Pho Sat worship place bogor
Source: Google Maps

If you visit Buddhist Dharma Temple and 8 Pho Sat, you’ll be surprised by the existence of Sleeping Buddha within the temple. Buddhist Dharma Temple and 8 Pho Sat are one of the religious tourism objects in Bogor. The Sleeping Buddha statue is huge, it is 18 meters long and 5 meters high. So, understandably, this statue becomes an attraction for tourists to visit. This giant golden-bodied statue appears to be sleeping with his right hand under the protection of the roof of one of the temple buildings. On the left and right sides of the Sleeping Buddha, miniature Buddhas are sitting in a row in a glass cabinet. These small statues are a form of memories from the donors of this temple.

Even if it is called Sleeping Buddha, the position of the Buddha statue is not sleeping but is meditating. It is said to be a Sleeping Buddha because the Buddha was built in a sleeping position facing right. There is a philosophy behind sleeping position facing right, which is the best position for the heart because it is not burdened. So, you don’t have to go to China, Thailand, and Malaysia to see the Sleeping Buddha by your eyes; you can simply visit Bogor!

Address: Jl. PWRI Kampung Jati, Jalan Raya Parung RT. 02 / RW. 06, Tonjong, Tajur Halang, Tonjong, Tajur Halang, Bogor, Jawa Barat 16320

Phone: +6282297921995

Those are the recommended places of worship in Bogor; you can do both praying and visiting as a tourist. It is amazing to know that Bogor has hidden treasures – places of worship in the City of Rain is mesmerizing as places of worship in foreign countries! You don’t have to spend your money if you decide to visit admirable places of worship in Bogor. This city awaits you to come!

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