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Affordable Safe Space to Suit the New Normal

During the new normal, learn 5 ways how Flokq makes your living at ease.

Why Flokq shared apartment is your best option during the Corona Pandemic?

1. Easy & flexible lease

Unsure what’s going to happen in the next 3 months? Life is everchanging and uncertain at the moment. During the corona pandemic new normal, Flokq allows new members to do a one-month minimum lease. Monthly payment as always.

2. Fully furnished with essential amenities

Ready to move in with all your basic needs. Flokq takes care of every detail of your stay from towel, pillow, bedsheet, blanket, toilet paper, drinking water, kitchen appliances, and many more!

3. All bills and services included

High-speed internet, electricity, water, weekly cleaning, laundry and maintenance. No extra worries and hassle during this time!

4. Fun and verified flatmates

Having a close-knit verified community where you live is certainly needed to get through the new normal while staying safe. Have a pal when you need one, privacy when you need one.

5. Safety guaranteed

We ensure all measures are taken to guarantee your safety. From regular cleaning keeping all surfaces clean to verified flatmates aware of social distance, living with Flokq will put your mind at ease.

Why Members Choose Flokq

"It's a balance between privacy, when you need it, and being social, when you crave it

"I chose coliving because I came to Jakarta alone and didn't know anyone. It turns out to be exactly what I was looking for.

"I wanted a place where I could move out easily and don't have to compromise to a year contract.

Time to make yourself feel at home. Better living awaits

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What Flokqers think about us

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    I can't imagine living in another place during this COVID-19 situation! So grateful that I have found amazing flatmates with Flokq because they made #stayathome more fun and bearable! For example, my flatmates and I have done some exciting activities together like baking, exercising, even tarot reading (for fun). I definitely made the right choice by choosing Flokq because now I have found my flock.
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    I used to live in premium kost, but decided to move to Flokq apartment because I miss the feeling of having a proper house. A place where I don't have to share kitchen with so many people, that's why I cook more in Flokq apartment. I need a place where I can move around easily and don't have to commit to 1 year contract. With my personality, I really appreciate when I can change plan quickly and Flokq really helps me in this.
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    I met amazing people through Flokq, especially my flatmate. We got along very well and it is very nice to come home to someone every night. I never flatshare before, but now I will probably look for flatmates when I'm back in France.


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