Non-Restriction Kost Jakarta

Jakarta is a big city in Indonesia as a central business district and also central to the government . Because of the high living cost and property prices, some people need residentials with affordable prices to live here, such as a kost. Kost in Jakarta have various types, such as non-restriction kost, mixed kost, special kost for men or women only. Check our explanation of the following types of kost, so you can consider it to choose the most perfect kost for you.

Type of Kost Jakarta

A. Kost For Men

This type of kost only accepts men to be the residents of the kost. The existence of this type of kost aims to provide personal comfortness for men residents. In addition, it is also to maintain local values ​​and culture.

B. Kost For Women

This kost only allows women residents to be the residents of the kost. The purpose of having a special kost for women is to provide safety and comfortness for women.

C. Kost Exclusive

Kost Exclusive a kost with premium facilities and special services. Residents will usually get cleaning and laundry services. Kost Exclusive can also be categorized as luxury kost.

D. Mixed Kost

This type of kost is a kost that accepts both men and women as residents of the kost. If you are okay with living near a different gender, then you can stay in a mixed kost.

D. Kost For Married Couple

Kost for married couples are kost that accept husband and wife couple to become residents. The rooms are usually more spacious. Because of the fully furnished facilities provided by the kost, so it is a very profitable choice for new couples.

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E. Non-Restriction Kost

It means the kost does not have too strict regulations in terms of kost access and guest time visit. Usually, non restriction kost have access for 24 hours, there are no restrictions on visiting hours, and allow any guest to stay overnight.

List of Affordable Non-Restriction Kost in Jakarta with Budget Under 3 Million Rupiah per Month

The price range for non-restriction kost is uncertain. Both low-priced kost or premium kost have their respective provisions. However, if you are looking for affordable non-restriction kost for under 3 million rupiah, here are the recommendations that we have collected:

Non-Restriction Kost South Jakarta Under 3 Million

South Jakarta is indeed the target of residents to stay. A comfortable residential environment is the dream of most people. However, the cost of renting a place to live in this area may be slightly higher than in other areas. You don’t need to worry, we have collected cheap non-restriction kost in South Jakarta with a budget of under 3 million rupiah.

Non-Restriction Kost Kebayoran Lama.

Rumah Praja
Non-Restriction Kost Kebayoran Lama

Rumah Praja. This kost is very strategic, which is close to Pondok Indah and Gandaria areas. So you can easily go to mall Gandaria Cityand also Pondok Indah Mall. This kost is a mixed kost that accepts both men and women as residents. The kost rules are also classified as a non-restriction kost. The kost provided facilities include fully furnished room, AC, Wifi, private bathroom, and laundry service.

Address: Jl. Praja No. 20, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta – Arteri Pondok Indah / Iskandar Muda, South Jakarta

Phone Number: 0815-8328-017

Price: Starting from Rp. 2,200,000.00 / month

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Non-Restriction Kost Cilandak

Kost 42 Cilandak
Non-Restriction Kost Cilandak South Jakarta: Kost 42 Cilandak

Located in the Cilandak area, South Jakarta, this non-restriction kost accepts both men and women as residents. In fact, they also accept husband and wife to become residents. Each resident of the kost has 24 hour access. In addition, there is no time limit if residents bring guests to visit the kost room. With an affordable price and strategic location, Kost 42 Cilandak offers complete facilities including wifi, AC, and a private bathroom equipped with a water heater and shower.

Address: Keramat 42 Cilandak behind Trakindo Cilandak Building

Phone Number: 081808889099

Price: Starting from Rp. 1,600,000.00 / month

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Non-Restriction Kost Setiabudi 

Guntur 58
Non-Restriction Kost in Setiabudi South Jakarta : Kost Guntur 58

This non-restriction kost is located in the Setiabudi area, South Jakarta. It is suitable for employees because it is located close to the Setiabudi office area. This non-restriction kost accepts both men and women as residents. They also free up guest visiting hours. The facilities that are offered by this kost include fully furnished rooms, AC, wifi, electricity, and a private bathroom.

Address: Jl. Guntur No. 58, Manggis Market, Guntur, Setiabudi, South Jakarta.

Phone Number: 08118115882

Price: Starting from Rp. 2,400,000.00 / month

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Non-Restriction Kost Central Jakarta Under 3 Million 

The area of ​​Central Jakarta is arguably the busiest area among other Jakarta areas. Many office buildings and government buildings. Living in the Central Jakarta area also attracts many young employees and executives to live near to the office. Check out the following recommendations for affordable non-restriction kost in Central Jakarta.

Non-Restriction Kost Menteng

Kost Tambak

This kost is one of the non-restriction kost located in Menteng, Central Jakarta. They free up guest visit time and kost access by residents for 24 hours. The location is very strategic, close to public transportation centers such as Manggarai Station. Room facilities that are provided by this kost also include AC.

Address: Jl. Tambak 2/8 RT 9/8, Pegangsaan, Menteng, Central Jakarta.

Phone Number: 0816982631

Price: Starting from IDR 2,000,000 / month

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Non-Restriction Kost Sawah Besar

Guna Kost 22
Kost Bebas Sawah Besar Jakarta Pusat: Guna Kost 22

Are you looking for a non-restriction kost? You can choose Guna Kost 22 which is located in Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. The rooms that are offered by this kost are quite spacious, measuring 3 x 4 meters. This kost accepts male and female residents. The facilities are very complete which of course can provide convenient for residents. Residents will get AC, Wifi, fully furnished rooms, and even a premium Netflix account. They also provide free limited laundry service.

Address: Jalan Gunung Sahari 11 Kecil Number 22, RT 3 RW 3, Central Jakarta 10720

Phone Number: 0812 1000 6604

Price: IDR 2,200,000 per month

Non-Restriction Kost West Jakarta Under 3 Million

West Jakarta has many historical tourist destinations. In addition, this area is also known to have the Chinatown (Kampung Cina) area, where the average population is of Chinese descent. West Jakarta also has a relatively low cost of living. If you need to live in this area, here is a list of recommendations for affordable non-restriction kost in West Jakarta.

Non-Restriction Kost Kembangan

Meruya Place
Non-Restriction Kost Kembangan West Jakarta: Meruya Place

Meruya Place which is right located in Meruya, close to Mercu Buana Meruya. The location of this kost is close to the Pondok Indah and St. Moritz. Located in the Meruya area, residents can also visit shopping centers such as Plaza Senayan, Lippo Mall Puri, and Puri Indah Mall. The rules in this kost tend to be free. The facilities that offered by this non-restriction kost are quite complete with fully furnished room, Wifi, and room cleaning services.

Address: Jl. Kav. DKI Blk. 100 No.25, RT.1 / RW.10, Meruya Utara, Kec. Kembangan, West Jakarta City.

Phone Number: + 62813-8269-0076

Price: Starting from Rp. 2,300,000, –

Non-Restriction Kost Taman Sari

Kost Hayam Wuruk
Non-Restriction Kost Hayam Wuruk Residence di West Jakarta

This kost has a minimalist and simple design, so it looks elegant. The location of this non-restriction kost is precisely in Mangga Besar area, West Jakarta. Residents have kost access for 24 hours, and there is no time limit for guest visits. The area is very strategic, close to culinary centers and shopping centers. In addition, the facilities that this kost offered are very complete including AC, wifi, private bathroom, and laundry service. This kost also has a clean and comfortable environment.

Address: Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 100J, RT.1 / RW.6, Mangga Besar, Taman Sari, West Jakarta 11180

Phone Number: +6285 814370217

Price: starting at IDR 2,000,000 – IDR 2,700,000 / month

Non-Restriction Kost East Jakarta Under 3 Million

If you are looking for affordable kost in the East Jakarta area and don’t have too strict rules, we have compiled a list of affordable non-restriction kost in East Jakarta that we can choose from. . Go check it out!

Non-Restriction Kost Matraman

Kost Kemuning 12
Non-Restriction Kost Matraman East Jakarta: Kost Kemuning 12

One of the non-restriction kost in East Jakarta is Kost Kemuning 12. This non-restriction kost is precisely located in the North Utan Kayu area, Matraman. The majority of residents are employees or students. Each room also has its own balcony or terrace. The rooms available are also quite spacious, so it will definitely make the residents feel comfortable.

Address: Jalan Kemuning No. 12, Rt. 001/05 Utan Kayu Utara, Matraman, East Jakarta.

Telephone Number: 08170176993

Price: IDR 2,000,000

Non-Restriction Kost Duren Sawit

Getere House
Non-Restriction Kost Duren Sawit: Getere House

Kost Getere House is located in the IKIP Duren Sawit housing estate, East Jakarta. This kost is perfect for employees. This is also one of the non-restriction kost in Duren Sawit. They also accept husband and wife to stay. For facilities there is no need to be doubted. Each room is fully furnished, equipped with Wifi.

Address: Jl Pendidikan XI No 2B Perumahan IKIP Duren Sawit, Jakarta Timur

Phone Number: +6281 311696929

Price: Starting from IDR 2,000,000 / month

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Non-Restriction Kost North Jakarta Under 3 Million

The North Jakarta area is an area directly adjacent to the sea. This region also has a variety of tourist destinations. There are many residential alternatives that you can choose to live in North Jakarta. Here we have compiled recommendations for kost with free regulations in North Jakarta.

Non-Restriction Kost Kelapa Under 3 Million

Gading Elok Residence
Non-Restriction Kost Murah Kelapa Gading Jakarta Utara: Gading Elok Residence

Kost Gading Elok Residence is located near the station which makes it easier for residents to travel. This kost has two different types of rooms, which are Singel bed size and also the Queen size. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom. In addition, Kost Gading Elok Residence II provides TV facilities, Wifi access, and AC.

Address: Jl. Gading Elok Timur III BM1 No. 15, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta

Phone Number: +6285 888112999

Price Range: Starting from IDR 2,100,000.00 / month

Non Restriction Kost Pluit Under 3 Million

Kost MK 42

This kost building is still relatively new. The kost can be accessed by residents for 24 hours and there is no provision for guest time to visit. The location is very strategic in the Pluit area, North Jakarta. Each room that is offered is quite spacious and gets enough sunlight.

Address: Jl. Pluit Karang Permai III No.42, RT.8 / RW.15, Pluit, Penjaringan, North Jakarta, Jakarta 14450

Phone Number: 08129698233

Price: Starting from Rp1,500,000.00 / month

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List of Exclusive Non-Restriction Kost in Jakarta Budget 3 – 6 Million

A kost with exclusive services and facilities sometimes does not guarantee that the kost is non-restriction kost. There are regulations that are basically established to maintain order, security, and also the convenience of residents. If you are looking for a non-restriction kost with premium facilities with a price of around 3 – 5 million in the Jakarta area, you can consider the following recommendations.

Non-Restriction kost South Jakarta 3 – 6 Million

South Jakarta has various kost options with premium facilities. We have compiled a list of exclusive non-restriction kost in the South Jakarta area that might help you make your choice. Check it out!

Non-Restriction Kost Pasar Minggu

Kost 10 Residence

This kost has two types of rooms of different sizes. The first bedroom measures 12 m2 and the other 20 m2. Each room is equipped with a private bathroom. In addition, Kost 10 Residence also facilitates its residents with cable TV, AC and a refrigerator in each room.

Address: Jl. Tebet Utara I No. 10, Tebet, South Jakarta.

Telephone Number: +6221 22008916

Non-Restriction Kost Graha Kebagusan 21
Non-Restriction Kost Pasar Minggu South Jakarta - Graha Kebagusan 21

The building of this kost is still new so the design is more modern and makes you feel at home in this kost. The quality of service provided is very good and budget friendly. Although it has affordable prices, this kost provides adequate facilities and the quality of service is maintained.

Address: Jl. Kebagusan Raya No.21, Pasar Minggu

Phone Number: 081996707371

Price: Rp. 3,600,000 per month

Non-Restriction Kost Senayan

Wisma Penenunan
Kost Bebas Wisma Penenunan Senayan Jakarta

Kost Wisma Pertenunan is a luxurious kost located in Senayan area, South Jakarta. This kost is free, there are no rules that limit visiting hours for guests. They also accept women and men as residents. It is suitable for employees and expats. The rooms offered are quite spacious and fully furnished.

Address:  Jl. Weaving No. 27 (entered from Patal Senayan IV), Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta

Phone Number: 0812 98252537

Price: IDR 6,500,000 per month

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Non-Restriction Kost Central Jakarta 3 – 6 million

If you are a young employee or executive, you may need a kost that is close to the office and provides premium facilities. The following are recommendations for non-restriction kost in Central Jakarta that will give you comfortness.

Non-Restriction Kost Bendungan Hilir

Marrakesh Inn

Kost Marrakesh Inn is one of the relatively luxurious kost, the facilities and services provided are equivalent to star hotels. You will get a fully furnished room including a private bathroom and laundry service. Security is also maintained with CCTV and security that stand by for 24 hours. In addition, there is no curfew limit for residents.

Address:  Jl. Danau Tondano No.1 Rt 20 / Rw 04 Bendungan Hilir

Phone Number: +6282299366723

Price: Starting from Rp. 5,750,000

Non-Restriction Kost Sawah Besar

Jenny Kost

This kost is a non-restriction kost that provides premium facilities located in the area of ​​Sawah Besar, Central Jakarta. This kost is also a mixed kost and also accepts husband and wife couples to become residents. The facilities provided no need to be doubted, each room unit is fully furnished including AC, wifi access, and a private bathroom equipped with a water heater.

Address:  Jl. Gunung Sahari XI No. 24 RT 3/3, Central Jakarta (Behind BNI 46)

Phone Number: 0878 1243 3998

Price: Rp. 3,000,000 per month

Non-Restriction Kost Thamrin

Flokq @ Artotel Thamrin
Non-Restriction Kost Thamrin Central Jakarta: Flokq @ Arthotel Thamrn

Artotel Thamrin is located in a very strategic area, which is in the city center. All access to public transportation, shopping centers, offices and entertainment centers is easy to reach. If you rent a room at Flokq @ Artotel Thamrin, you will get a fully furnished room that is ready to be occupied. In addition, the costs has include utilities, room maintenance, and parking fees. Your daily life will be easier if you stay at Flokq @ Artotel Thamrin.

Address: Artotel Thamrin, Jl. Sunda No.3, RT.8 / RW.4, Gondangdia, Kec. Menteng.

Telephone Number: +6281314905690

Price: Starting from Rp. 5.500.000

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Non-Restriction Kost West Jakarta 3 – 6 million

In this area, you can easily fulfill all your needs with a more affordable cost of living. Besides that, there are also many alternative public transportation that you can access. If you are looking for a non-restriction kost in West Jakarta with very comfortable facilities, here are our recommendations for kost.

Non-Restriction Kost Grogol 

Urbanestindo Grogol

You can rent kost rooms at Urbanestindo daily or monthly. The location is strategic because it is very close to several campuses. Suitable for students from Trisakti, Tarumanagara, and other surrounding campuses. The atmosphere of this kost feels very comfortable and clean. The facilities offered by this kost are also very complete, with quite spacious rooms equipped by fully furnished including AC, Wifi, and private bathrooms. This kost can be accessed by residents for 24 hours, and it is classified as non-restriction kost.

Address: Jl. Taman S. Parman Blok C No. 48, Tomang, Grogol, West Jakarta.

Telephone Number: 08118892599

Price: Rp. 3,000,000

Non-Restriction Kost Palmerah

Palmerah 75 Residence
Kost Bebas Palmerah Jakarta: Palmerah 75 Residence

Palmerah is one of the sub-districts located in West Jakarta. The standard of living in this area is not very expensive. So, if you want to board in the Palmerah area, the cost is still reasonable. One of the exclusive kost with free arrangements that we recommend is Kost Palmerah 75 Residence. This kost is located near Bina Nusantara University (BINUS). The facilities you get in each room is a fully furnished room with a private bathroom and including AC and wifi. You can also get room cleaning and laundry services.

Address:  Jl. Palmerah Bar. IX No.75, Palmerah.

Telephone Number: +628041112479

Price: IDR 3,000,000.00 (4 m x 5 m) – IDR 3,500,000.00 (5 m x 6 m) per month

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Non-Restriction Kost East Jakarta 3 – 6 Million

East Jakarta is known as an industrial area and has several large traditional markets, which are Kramat Jati Traditional Groceries and Jatinegara Traditional Groceries. If you looking for aa kost in East Jakarta with non-restriction rules, here are our recommendations:

Non-Restriction Kost Matraman

Kost Nangka 25

The location of Kost Nangka 25 is very strategic because it is close to various transportation centers and universities. In addition, this kost is a type of mixed kost that accepts both men and women as residents. The rules in this kost also tend to be free, not too strict.

Address: Jl. Nangka II No.25, RT.1 / RW.8, Utan Kayu Utara, Kec. Matraman

Phone Number: +6281289995535 

Price: Rp. 3.250.000

Non-Restriction Kost North Jakarta 3 – 6 Million

If you are planning to live in North Jakarta and are looking for a comfortable kost at an affordable price, we have compiled the recommendations for you!

Non-Restriction Kost Kelapa Gading

Rumah Lunar
Kost Bebas Kelapa Gading Jakarta: Rumah Lunar

This kost is located in the elite area of ​​North Jakarta, Kelapa Gading. The design of this kost is dominated by black and white, so the building looks elegant. They offer a very comfortable and clean kost atmosphere. The location of the Rumah Lunar is also very strategic, you can easily reach the nearest culinary center and shopping center.

Address: Jl. Janur Kuning X Blok WO 1, Kelapa Gading, North Jakarta

Phone Number: +6281 298269937

Price: Starting from Rp. 3,500,000.00 / month

Non-Restriction Kost Cilincing

Grand Nan Sakinah
Kost Bebas Tanjung Priok Jakarta Utara: Grand Pondok nan Sakinah

Grand Nan Sakinah is one of the exclusive kost that offers housing with premium facilities in Jakarta North. These kost rules tend to be free, there are no restrictions for guests to visit. As residents, you will get a fully furnished room, air conditioning, TV, and private bathroom. In addition, residents will also get laundry services.

Address: Jl. Kampar IX River No.614 Rt. 013 / Rw. 001, Cilincing, North Jakarta.

Telephone Number: 08158882488

Price: Rp. 3.500.000

Have an extra budget? Try Living in an Apartment!

Apartments can be ideal residences for those of you who want to find a place to live without too strict rules. By living in an apartment, you will be more private. You are also free to bring guests to your room and access your apartment room for 24 hours. In addition, security and maintenance of the apartment is also guaranteed by the management.

Regarding facilities, you don’t need to worry. In general, apartments are fully furnished. So, you only need to bring your personal belongings. Besides, all your daily needs can be fulfilled in one area. Apartments generally have a wide variety of facilities that residents can use, such as swimming pools, gym rooms, meeting rooms, multipurpose rooms, even restaurants and cafes.

The price range for apartments may generally be higher than kost. But if you look carefully, you can find apartments at affordable prices, and you can even pay monthly. The following are recommendations of sites that can make you easier to find apartments in Jakarta.

Airbnb website

Airbnb is an apartment or residential rental site and application that is quite well known for its daily rental payments. There are many apartment options according to your preferences. Apart from apartments, they also offer other rental options in the form of houses and villas. Besides that, Airbnb is also available as an application that can be downloaded on iOS or Android



Furthermore, you can visit the Flokq website to help find your ideal apartment. There are many choices of apartments scattered in the Jabodetabek area for you to choose as a place to rest.

Flokq also provides shared apartment rentals for those of you who want to rent a kost in an apartment. Usually the apartment fee is paid for a period of one year. However, if you rent a shared apartment through Flokq, you can pay the cost monthly. Besides that, they also accommodate expatirates so that they can socialize and expand their network of friends. What are you waiting for? Check out the Flokq site here now!

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Hello Flokq

Flokq helps people find a great place to live. Explore how you can live your life to the fullest in your city with Flokq!

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